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Azgad - A Story of Calradia

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i just installed it yesrterday and i already love it, from the possibility to mine, get wood and fishing, etc to story, it is all awesome :)


Stalker Anomaly - Last Count

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thanks to this mod, i can finally enjoy stalker anomaly vanilla in 60fps. great job!


Kane's Wrath II (Upcoming)

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Don't let negative comment take you


Tiberium Chaos

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Good mod


Ram's Renewal Mod

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Portal Stories: Mel

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Potential malware, avoid.


Napoleonic & Victorian Era Chapters (1792-1853)

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some mods are shown on the main menu but some good mods are never released and some mods are never fixed but mods that are available are pro



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Add option change installation location, It's targetting my mod while the original are in different partition. Please fix it, it's good tho.


Igor's Mod

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Neighbor Curse (Demo in summer!)

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Military Duty

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Man that intro was bad. Clearly effort was put into the voice lines, but the timing was off and it dragged way too long. After minutes of pointless banter, sarge leans in and starts to tell us why we're here and... it's over. I'm on the ground. OK.

I love hated the crowbar-less intro. This game reminds you how important the crowbar truly is, in case you've forgotten. Never thought I'd be at a point where I have the pistol/SMG/shotgun and desperately want a melee weapon.

Bro that security guard said "aim for the head" just as I blasted a magnum round through his skull. Comedy.

Inconsistent interactability. I spend 2 minutes frantically bashing the half-open door wondering if my game is bugged, then the very next scene you present me with another half-open door, except this time I can break it open. Why. Sometimes boxes break, sometimes they don't. Only one way to find out... sigh.

Pretty good scripting. I quite enjoyed watching that full battle play out between HECU, Black Ops, Blue Shift, and Xen.

Game got super hard near the middle with the romp through Xen. Almost no health or ammo given this entire segment. I was left fighting the Gonarch with the electric thing and those vomit balls. Kinda exhilarating. Definitely has a sinusoidal difficulty that starts low, graduates into high, then back low. Actually feels intentional and definitely suits the mood. Survival horror kicks in and you start to panic. I did say I beat the Gonarch. I had to dig deep and fight it with unconventional weapons, but hey, it builds character.

This mod has a sick sense of humor when it comes to giving you ammunition for weapons you don't have.

Ah, this is exactly what I expected the ending to be. Just as bad as the intro. Low quality mics and buzzing choppers in the background make it hard to hear what's being said, and it just ends up being a rambling wrap up to quickly tidy this one up and put a bow onto it.

Still, that was a pretty thrilling combat finale. This mod has a way with creating vast, chaotic arenas with scores of enemies that don't feel unfair. Good use of allies to make it seem more like a war and not a one man power trip. It was a lot of fun and didn't punish the player for taking risks.

Just ignore the acting and plot like most mods and enjoy the gameplay.



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Wow, this one flew under the radar. Only from 2012, but feels like a "new school" HL mod. Modernized look and feel with lots of detail.

Scripting is a bit janky. I had already discovered the alternate path at the beginning before the game prompted me to look for it. And even then, it was a dead end and I was able to just jump through the wreckage. Not sure what the author was going for here, but it didn't work. And then the "All units: retreat!" just as the mission is starting. What? Ugh, then the osprey just sitting there waiting to die. I see what the author was going for, but it just plays out awkwardly.

The outdoor kinda sewer area was very HL2-esque. Nicely done.

Environments at the start were a bit bland in general, which is unfortunate. Needed more props to hide that ugly rock texture, but there's not a whole lot you can do when the starting textures are so bad. Seems like the author struggled to figure out how to start the mod, leading to it feeling like an afterthought.

Inside was great. Detailed and thought-out, though there were a few Doom-esque low res textures that stuck out. Most rooms feel carefully crafted, down to the bathrooms with working toilets and sinks.

Poorly optimized and kind of buggy. Hard a hard time getting passed the Vortigaunt whiteout at the end. I think I kept dying after shooting the sample because it worked fine with godmode.

Highly atmospheric with long stretches of HL2 type downtime.

Game feels more like Half-Life 2 than Half-Life. Even the bathrooms make me yearn for the gravity gun.

These maps are huge! Backtracking is never fun, but Focalpoint does an excellent job "bringing it back" without you even realizing it. It's cool to look down and see the vertical progress you've made. Really gives a sense of scale and context to the map. Feels like a real place, rather than a random maze of corridors.

That said, environmentally speaking there were a few nonsensical areas that felt too random or too claustrophobic. Tight, angular architecture with low quality textures made this feel a little tiring at times, though well-meaning.

I loved revisiting the antimass spectrometer chamber! This time we're presented with a slightly annoying-to-traverse area that does an excellent job expanding on the sheer size and scale of this thing's power source. This is an incomprehensibly powerful device.

Great job integrating the Xen infestation within Black Mesa's walls. Doesn't just feel like a regular room with some flora sprinkled about. No, we've got the entire west wall a gaping maw with spooky tendrils emanating forth, crashing through windows and digging into the walls. Does this so much better than Half-Life ever did.

Keycard fetch quest got annoying. Give me Half-Life, not endless sprinting back and forth. And goddamn, why does the lift take so long?! God it's so boring and then the doors finally open and you're on STORAGE instead of SERVICE because the game put the buttons so close together that it screws it up when you're up close. Take a step back and goddamnit out of range. Ok crouch walk forward just close enough BUT NOT TOO CLOSE. Sensible gameplay, especially with how often the player gets stuck at the end of an elevator ride. It's such an art in Half-Life games to perfectly position yourself on moving objects to avoid getting jammed up on some ****.

I wish there was more human combat. Security guards were tanks, but boring. Assassins weren't used nearly enough, and where were the Black Ops? Not enough combat in general.

bro this is the most dangerous tram of all time. No safety rails or anything. Just don't look down! But that finale?! omg. So unrealistic, but makes for some great cinema.

lol at the scienceman telling me I'm good to hop down into the antimass spectrometer because my combat fatigues will protect me from the radiation. Yeah sure guy.

Focalpoint is a great mod with high production values. Perhaps a bit ambitious at times with a touch of tedium, but overall it was a fresh, enjoyable experience packed with good visuals and competent mapping.


Hw Upgrade

Mod review by ArctixSnowPup Agree Disagree

Messy geometry and unclear story. Worth it enough to play to the end though.



Mod review by Gnomeister Agree Disagree

"Doom is 2D!!!11" Really? then explain this!



Mod review by agreenman Agree Disagree

Starts with a bang. I don't remember OG Half-Life hitting me this hard with Grunts and Vorts.

Tutorializes just like Half-Life! Laser door and the headcrab, for example.

Perplexing puzzles and precarious platforming. Although the box puzzle with the rising water was annoying. The physics are just way too janky for long periods of time. No need to put the boxes so far away behind a tedious maze of friction and frustration. Would've been cool to drown the Gargantua, but no shot you're getting those boxes from A to B without a little vaporization in between.

The robot loader puzzle was pretty tedious, especially with the trapdoors constantly sending you to the bottom, serving no purpose other than to waste your time.

Oh but the sub "tram ride" sequence was a lot of fun! I like that the welder(?) controls were introduced in the sunk sub first. Makes the inevitable chaos more manageable.

I love how the HECU so politely call me "mister".

A great Half-Life expansion. A bit tough with some tedious puzzles, but overall an advanced addition to the main game that was fun to play.


Doom Infinite

Early access mod review by P.A.B.L.O.S.K.Y Agree Disagree

Top tier mod. This mod represents how high the doom modding scene has reached.


The End of Days

Mod review by Omanra Agree Disagree

Amazing take on the genre and game, keep up the good work, and thank you.


Poke646: Anniversary Edition

Mod review by The_Jt Agree Disagree

I don't know i didn't play it, but if the game was good then this too



Mod review by BrowningMG Agree Disagree

This Remod is literally a downgrade of two good mods. Softlocking bugs, wacky and non-consistent visuals (some textures are upscaled, others are blurred), sometimes terrible sounds in ETC 1 Remod and missing enemies in ETC 2 Remod.

Play it only if you like HD-fied everything and custom weapon models. If not, try originals mods instead.


Half-Life 2 Beta Minimalist Mod

Mod review by suddensfd Agree Disagree

this is one of the mods of the time