Your goal is simple: create an army to defend your building and destroy the enemies, while prevent them from doing the same. Don't think this is an easy task though, as you will find yourself with up to 40 different units to choose from, each belonging to one of the five factions in the game. and each having its own quirks and abilities that if used correctly, could turn the tide of the battle, and even bring you the hard-earned victory.

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I'm getting tired of playing around with a single building so...

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Emblems 1

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this mod doesn't really shine the best when it comes to buildings and all that stationary big blocks of concrete and metal. In fact, it doesn't really shine in anything at all, aside from wacky tanks and other ground vehicles.

That's what I would like to change.

For a while now, I have been thinking about branching onto something else besides tanks, double-barreled tanks, wheeled tanks, you get the idea. Air units were something I considered, but then I promptly forgot about it.

It was when I realized how *boring* it is to have well, only one building in this mod, namely the Command Center, which doesn't even do its job properly on the Vulkan side due to how fast units are producing. This also brings me to another problem, albeit from the opposite direction, because Fulgura and Infernus have such a long production time for their units, that there's no way you can quickly respond when something like 50 rats start swarming what little army you have built.


(This thing continues to be the bane of my existence even if I reduced its damage so much it's practically useless against anything on its own.)

As a result, it became clear to me that I cannot just rely on my Command Centers to do its bidding anymore. I need more structures in this mod, even if just to alleviate the fact that unit productions are being choked to a single building.

And that's my plan for the next update, but of course, just saying "I'm adding more buildings!" doesn't really explain anything, so let me break it down to you:

  • All factions will now gain access to their own construction dozer or "dozer" (I'll explain below), a unit that will be responsible for building (and repairing) the new constructions available for each faction.
  • Even the characteristics of each dozer will be different; Solisian one will be a weakly armored and expensive excavator that builds things fast, while Infernus' construction crane will take a longer time to do anything.
  • The similar patterns will apply to the "War Factory" of each faction as well, which will now for the most part be responsible for producing the units, rather than the Command Centers.
  • That said, each of the factions have different ways of doing so; Solisia will start off with a tier 1 unit and must build its War Factory in order to produce anything beyond that. Vulkan meanwhile will be unable to build starter units without them, so it is mandatory that it is built in order to produce these units. Fulgura suffers no restriction from any of these, as its War Factory will simply serve as an extension of its production line, while Infernus cannot use its Command Center to produce anything but its dozers. Finally, Lamina's War Factory called the "Rat Nest", as its name implies, will be only able to produce any Rat variants (like above).

In addition, each faction will also have its own variants of Artillery Cannon with special quirks associated with them; Solisian one deals more damage, Fulguran one can disable enemy vehicles, Lamini one fires a less powerful but more frequent round, and Infernal one creates well, an infernal upon detonation. Vulkan in particular will be able to use its special power as much as it can, based on the number of War Factories built.

It's likely I will also adjust the health of each Command Centers to reflect on this pattern as well, but we'll see. For now, here's something I have cooked up. It's not much, but it's something.

image 1

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