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A small update on where our team is ragarding the current progress of the mod.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another blog for Dell’arte Della Guerra. Today we wanted to address some concerns regarding the status of the mod and its development.

Starting last year, the team behind Dell’arte della Guerra has experienced some roadblocks in regards to issues concerning leadership and hardware issues. Aside from private matters affecting members’ involvement in the project, multiple devs and contributors have had issues with their PCs dying and encountering problems that significantly contributed to delays in development.

On top of these issues, we have and still battle with issues regarding crashes linked to specific scenes and we want to polish this part of the gameplay to provide an enjoyable experience for players. Bug fixes is a constant matter but we are somewhat understaffed in the coding department.


Custom Skills icons made by Fragan

With that being said, we have made some progress regarding the mod : Concerning England, we are finishing the last touches of the character assets, the lords and the settlements of the map. We are working toward implementing more siege scenes in the game. We are also working to bring about various cultures through mercenaries such as Scots, Germans or the French with custom gear. Custom ambience and battle music has been made by our wonderful team of musicians from whom we hope you will soon hear the tunes. We have also implemented a system to create and customize your own coat of arms and the livery of your troops (for more information on what livery is , see our blog “Integration of Banner Kings, alongside a few other updates!”). We have also started an ui overall in a style more fitting to the late medieval périod.


Custom troop liveries based on the player's self made coat of arms

As we have mentioned above, we are currently understaffed when it comes to dedicated coders for the project to bring about some functionalities and mechanics we wish to integrate. We have been in contact with other modders to exchange some resources and skills such as firearm implementation but it’s currently not enough to meaningfully move forward the project on that front. In a similar manner, we seek additional talents in regards to scenes and their implementation.


Early matchlock handgun models by Roberto

We hope this blog satisfies your search for information on the current state of the project and why development has been slow, and feel free to ask more questions that may not have been answered in the comments. We do not currently have a public release date.

We also offer those interested in helping out, to join if you have the required knowledge in XML, or as sceners, coders or animators for the project. You can contact us in recruitment on our brand new discord server Discord.gg !

Until next time, take care.

  • the DADG team.
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pizzaman6 - - 282 comments


Della Arta Farta delivers NOTHING yet again! Bannerlord sucks, and it's "modding scene" sucks!

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Kick_Abbot - - 112 comments

What a weirdly personal reaction

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pizzaman6 - - 282 comments

This mod will probably never actually come out...but fear not, you will always have the MANY videos that Resonant made about this mod to rewatch, and dream about what could've been!

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Guest - - 693,899 comments

I understand bros reaction a little bit.
I spent years waiting for Le Eigle mod for Warband and it got canceled.
Same thing for Skywind. It will never come out because of too big ambition of developers

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LooseTongue - - 7 comments

Imagine having such high expectations and becoming irritated with people who do this for free; spending their free time so that people like you can enjoy this game more doesn't meet your expectations for a mod.

It takes a significant amount of time to make a mod, especially for Bannorlord, which demands much more graphic fidelity compared to Warband.

You're not the center of this universe, dude. Get a life or IDK play a different game that isn't Bannerlord.

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pizzaman6 - - 282 comments

Imagine getting everyone's attention only to tease them for years.

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Guest - - 693,899 comments

Man, i just can't wait.

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Guest - - 693,899 comments

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