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NVIDIA RTX Remix is now in Open Beta - we have your home for RTX Remix mods and associated content and guides.

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NVIDIA RTX Remix is a modding platform that allows modders to create stunning RTX remasters of classic games, with full ray tracing and DLSS. We first reported on its launch in September 2022, and have since completed a Q&A with NVIDIA, as well as showcase the first few mods made using the tool, including Portal: Prelude RTX and Half-Life 2 RTX. Today, we are proud to announce ModDB has created a permanent home for RTX Remix compatible games, and community made mods, guides, files (USD captures and PBR assets).

Over the 20 years ModDB has been around, the development of RTX Remix is one of those major steps forward that we're particularly excited by. Our community was built on the foundation of classic games like Deus Ex, GTA, Half-Life, C&C, Morrowind, and these titles along with hundreds of other Direct X 8/9 era games, are well suited for RTX Remix modding, which opens the door for modders to modernize and reimagine these timeless classics using the industries latest graphics technology.

How to add RTX Remix content

We're working hard with leading RTX Modding community members (who you can also find on Discord here), to maintain a compatibility table of all games. If you would like to become an official ModDB RTX content moderator and help us maintain the game compatibility table, please get in touch. Or if you are a creator working on a mod using RTX Remix technology, in your mods profile you can indicate its usage of RTX Remix, by checking the box shown below (note if this checkbox isn't shown, your game isn't RTX Remix compatible, and you will need to contact us to get it added to the compatibility table).

Screenshot 2024 01 01 at 5 42 25

For everyone else, feel free to submit RTX.conf files and USD captures and PBR assets you have created (see "How to start building remasters with RTX Remix" below for an explanation of what these are), or guides and videos you have written about using RTX Remix to make mods. Remember to always select the RTX platform when saving your RTX content to ensure it's flagged as being compatible!

Screenshot 2024 01 01 at 5 53 27

Other handy links include:

How to explore RTX Remix content

To make it easy to explore RTX Remix compatible content, we have created a new RTX page on the site, which can be accessed via:

Screenshot 2024 01 01 at 6 00 29

There are also dedicated pages for RTX mods, files and articles. If you want ModDB to ONLY show RTX content as you explore the site, you can turn on the RTX platform filter, which will theme the site with NVIDIA's black and green, and hide all non-RTX content. If you want to turn off this filter, click here to show all platforms.

In addition to this, badges have been added to game and mod profiles as well as files and articles to indicate their RTX Remix compatibility. When clicked, these badges will provide helpful information and links (if available) about their usage of RTX Remix.

Screenshot 2024 01 22 at 11 07 3

How to start building remasters with RTX Remix

If you would like to learn how to create RTX Mods using RTX Remix, we recommend you check out NVIDIA’s article going over some of the essential steps to making your first mod.

On a high level, modders can follow these steps to get started on a mod:

  1. Install NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher, navigate to the “Exchange” tab, and download RTX Remix on a PC with a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti or higher GPU (see full system requirements). NVIDIA also recommends installing the latest Game Ready or Studio Ready driver from the Drivers tab of GeForce Experience or

  2. Visit ModDB’s Remix community resources, choose your compatible game, download its rtx.conf configuration file, and drop the latest RTX Remix runtime and rtx.conf file next to the game’s executable file.

    If you are wondering what an rtx.conf file is, it’s a configuration file specific to RTX Mods that stores important settings for each game, allowing RTX Remix hook to it despite any unique rendering techniques it contains. The values of an rtx.conf file are populated by the game setup tab, detailed in the next step.

  3. You can skip this step if you were able to acquire a rtx.conf file from the previous step: Launch the game and hit Alt+X to open the RTX Remix Runtime menu. Follow the setup process in the “game setup” tab of the Advanced Developer Menu.

  4. Take a capture of the game via the enhancements tab of the RTX Remix Runtime menu. Captures are in the OpenUSD file format, and contain geometry, lights, textures, and cameras from a game. ModDB’s Remix community resources also enable modders to upload captures for games, allowing you to forgo taking your own capture - just download someone else’s capture and load it into RTX Remix!

  5. Start creating your RTX mod. To help, NVIDIA has created a set of resources including a full Remix documentation guide, a crash course tutorial video on the remastering process, and RTX Remix sample application. Additionally, check out the RTX Remix Showcase Discord to get advice.

  6. Send us your feedback by filing an issue on our GitHub. This is a beta - if you find bugs or have feature requests, definitely share them with NVIDIA!

What's next

Over the coming months, expect us to share all of the latest RTX Remix news and updates from NVIDIA in the RTX Remix Modding group on the site (join it to be notified of updates), as well as showcase top RTX Remix mods and content from the community. We're looking forward to seeing where you take the technology and revisiting all of the classic games with stunning new mods.

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The_Preacher - - 820 comments

So, Half-Life 2 will be the first title thats fully compatible with RTX Remix.

There are so many titles from the early 2000s and also from late 90s that deserve revival of this kind. But the biggest boon IMO wouldnt even be ray tracing here on far older games, the biggest boon would be its 64-bit Vulkan renderer which would expand margins for implementation of more complex assets in game.

I do hope for some more obscure titles compatibility down the line. This expansion of performance margin is absolutely a necessity for every title.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes
Sternjaeger - - 328 comments

I would kill for a World in Conflict Remix...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Cvoxalury - - 1,288 comments



It is disappointing to see Moddb, a platform with such rich and deep history of modding, this creative, passionate endeavour, to embrace the RTX push.

The thing that in many cases changes the original art direction (and, indeed, can often be said to damage it), and is coming from a company that pushes AI tools onto us. It's plainly a corporate conquest of our little corner, and it's finally arriving in full.

Indeed I would at least like to have filters to HIDE all rtx-related content, I don't understand why Moddb is going even further to make it convenient for all-rtx content viewing. But I don't expect anything to change now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-10 votes
sebi5 - - 88 comments

So basically... you're sad because the tool was made by Nvidia.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+12 votes
zelda414 - - 47 comments

lmao what? what a weird *** take, jus let it be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
INtense! Author
INtense! - - 4,098 comments

We have supported every evolution of modding and intend to continue to do so. RTX mods, to us - offer a unified way to mod games, in new ways. Many of these games are abandoned, or have never really had established a modding scene at all, so this is complemantary and additive, and not at all meant to distract from the legacy and future non-RTX mods submitted by the community to ModDB. All RTX mods are clearly labeled.

Reply Good karma+14 votes
Supremax - - 161 comments

Thanks for creating and supporting Moddb

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
INtense! Author
INtense! - - 4,098 comments

Thanks for being an active member of the community

Reply Good karma+3 votes
The_Preacher - - 820 comments

I must also say one thing... after mainly observing many videos and their comments especially. It disheartens to see so many people, who never actually modded a single game in their life, to moan about RTX Remix capabilities.

Yeah, its still in early stages... yeah, it looks like crap and completely unplayable for many many titles. Because one cannot possibly expect they will turn on the game with it and suddenly all will "automagically" be altered. Thats not going to happen even when RTX Remix is finished. It will require very good and solid effort to alter the game, even with full compatibility. People think this is some kind of magic wand, and not a highly versatile modding tool (and alternate engine, too)

The people who never modded a single game dont realize there is more to this, they see it and immediately wave their hand off. Beginnings of one tech always looked like crap, rudimentary and primitive. The point of this app / tool is to give capabilities to modders of older games. Some titles that we all loved in our young age, we could even become capable to eventually enjoy in new way, even actively modding it.

But dont ever expect youll put your old game in - and on the "output" youll have a finished product.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
queener - - 34 comments

Long awaited and very exciting news indeed!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
brantes - - 1 comments

I love you Nvidea S2

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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