NLC 7 Hard Edition (HE) is a highly customizable and updated version of the acclaimed NLC 7 mod, designed for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Developed by Kotovod with contributions from the Russian-speaking NLC community, this edition enhances the original experience with numerous improvements and features. Notably, it includes a top-tier English translation powered by ChatGPT 4.0, making it the only NLC version with such a comprehensive localization. Dive into a richly detailed and challenging journey through the Zone, with unique gameplay mechanics, an intricate narrative, and unparalleled depth.

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Discover the immersive world of NLC 7, a challenging S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl mod. This stand-alone mod transforms the game with complex quests, hardcore gameplay, new mutant abilities, and a detailed inventory system. Experience a deep, nuanced narrative intertwined with a harsh environment, demanding strategic planning and adaptability. NLC 7 offers a profound journey, pushing your survival skills to the limit and delivering a deeply rewarding adventure for dedicated players.

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Released in 2017 by Сяк (Syak) and his team, NLC 7 is a stand-alone AMK-based mod that transforms the STALKER universe into an intense journey of survival, strategy, and introspection. NLC stands out in the modding community for its unique features and unconventional approach to practically all aspects of the game.

While there were machine translations for older versions, they were often unclear and sometimes unintentionally funny, making it difficult for non-Russian speakers to fully appreciate both the mod and its dialogue.
The aim of this project was to elevate the quality of the translation and use a modern version of the mod, making it more accessible and enjoyable for non-Russian speakers.

Embrace the Challenge

  • Complexity and Depth:
    Explore a meticulously crafted world where your decisions have consequences, and quests offer multiple completion paths. Success requires strategic planning and adaptability.
    Attention to detail is critical. Observe dialogues, environments, and ever-present dangers closely.

  • Hardcore Gameplay:
    With over 100 hours of content, NLC 7 emphasizes the journey over the destination. Prepare for extensive travel that necessitates thoughtful decision-making, adding to the realism and challenge of the Zone​.
    The high difficulty and the stressful atmosphere is interspersed with brief respites in safe areas. By default, it is only possible to save near lit campfires and lamps.

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Unique Features

  • New Mutant Abilities:
    Face mutants with new, deadly abilities, making every encounter unpredictable and requiring constant vigilance. Preemptive preparation can be a difference between life and death.
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  • Player and Equipment:
    The inventory system is highly detailed, with separate sections for different types of gear and items. Knowing in which section you can find which item will make inventory management much more efficient, as opening full backpack takes significantly more time.
    Movement speed depends on sleepiness, health, and carry weight. As the player tires or gets injured, movement slows. Carrying a heavy load reduces speed, but dropping your backpack can boost speed and jump height, aiding quick escapes from threats.
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  • Complex Quest Design:
    The quests in NLC 7 are intricately designed with multiple paths and consequences, emphasizing player choice and attention to detail, being similar to some classic cRPGs and games like Pathologic.
    The lack of handholding with quest markers requires players to rely on directions and clues provided by other characters, as well as their own thinking.
    In NLC, there are frequently alternative, non-violent options, aligning with the mod's theme of man versus nature.
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  • Unpredictable Environment:
    In NLC 7, both anomalies and certain radiation zones shift locations with each emission, creating a constantly changing landscape that demands player adaptability and attentiveness. Likewise, artifacts spawn unpredictably after emissions.
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  • Artifact System:
    Artifacts in NLC 7 are essential for survival and trade. Each artifact has unique properties and varying qualities (e.g. two Meat Chunks can be different), and their condition degrades with use, which prevents players from relying on a single artifact throughout the game, adding an extra layer of strategy.
    Artifacts serve as the primary currency and can be bartered for items that cannot be normally bought with regular money, encouraging players to venture into dangerous areas to collect these oddities. This system underscores the high-risk, high-reward nature of the Zone, making each expedition a calculated gamble.
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    Example Image 6
    NLC often uses a barter system. Many characters will want your riches, but not everyone will pay equally for them.
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    Stashes in NLC are rare, but are frequently very valuable.

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    Certain characters have schedules that the player will have to plan their trip around.

A Deep Narrative Experience

  • Nuanced and Introspective Storyline:
    Dive into an intricately woven narrative that encourages deep exploration of the Zone's mysteries. While it begins with a familiar Shadow of Chernobyl backdrop, NLC 7 quickly unfolds into a profound journey, replete with unexpected twists and introspective moments reminiscent of "Roadside Picnic."
    The environment itself becomes a formidable adversary, creating a haunting and atmospheric experience.Example Image 6

The mod's lack of handholding, coupled with well-crafted quests and innovative solutions, offers freedom in task approaches, blending structured narrative with player autonomy to enhance immersion and make every decision and interaction meaningful.

NLC 7 is not for the faint of heart. This mod is niche and requires a specific mindset to truly appreciate its depth.
The beginning is brutally challenging, and players will often feel helpless. However, for those who embrace its harshness and complexity, NLC 7 offers an unparalleled, deeply rewarding experience that stands out in the modding community.

NLC 7 isn't just about reaching the end — it's about the experiences and challenges you face along the way. It's a journey of survival, discovery, introspection, struggle, and triumph.

Prepare yourself for an experience that tests your resilience and wit.
NLC 7 is not just a mod; it's a profound journey through one of the most intricate and atmospheric versions of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe.
Good hunting, stalkers!

NLC 7: HE. English Edition.

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