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Report RSS 0.1.0 Alpha update, and the start of a new versioning system!

Explaining the new versioning system, along with celebrating a massive update to the master branch.

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Kept you waiting huh? After 2 whole years, PB_Staging was finally merged into master, bringing along over 1.7k commits with it!

That's a lot.

What's new?

There are a lot of changes, as expected, all of which you have already seen with the PB_Staging builds uploaded here or downloaded from GitHub. From now on, all updates will have a 3 number version associated with them, which will make checking for updates a lot easier than comparing Git commit hashes.

How do the version numbers work?

We are going to be following the Semantic Versioning system (explained better on it's website), to keep it short and simple:

  • The first number is a major release number, think Project Brutality 2.0 and Project Brutality 3.0;
  • The second number is a minor release number, which will be incremented every time a substantial, yet small update is made;
  • The third number is a patch number, for whenever we mess something up and need to quickly fix it before anyone notices.

These will be updated regularly (unless we forget), and every time it does so, I will be updating the ModDB build.

Why restart the counter?

Some of you may question, why restart the counter? I mean, PB was at version 3.0 right?

To answer that question, we thought that the version of Project Brutality you can play today is different enough from the older releases that it was warranted to loop back around to 1.0.0 (technically 0.1.0, we're still in alpha after all). This could, and probably will, generate some confusion whenever we reach version 2.0.0, if ever, but hey, resetting the version numbers wasn't MY idea, so i'm not exactly sure what the thought process behind it was.

As always, you can chat with us or report bugs at our Discord server or GitHub. We hope you enjoy the new version of Project Brutality, and have fun!

-The Project Brutality Team.


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