A short game centered around the relationship and events that happen between a kid, his mother and the eerie situation that develops along the game.

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Hi everyone! Today we're posting here our current build, by adding the previously mentioned components.

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With this article, we inform that we decided to make a few changes about the components mentioned in past articles in order to improve the player's experience.

Dialogue Box

We started by changing the design of the dialog box and adding a background to the map.

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During the game development, we agreed to change the text typography, going back to "EB Garamond", which after testing with the graphic design and the built-in level, this would end up being better for better reading for the player.

For the dialog box, we started by adding a completely black background, which was then changed to a gradient between black and dark gray due to the dark theme of the game, after these changes we added translucency to the background to make it more appealing to the visibility of the environment.

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Interactive Objects

There are a few objects in-game that will be interactive for the player, when the player enters the detection area of that object, a visual feedback overlay is activated. This overlay can be:

  • A color change or glow on the object.
  • An interaction icon appearing near the object.
  • A border or highlight around the object.

This system helps the player quickly identify which objects in the environment can be interacted with, improving the game's experience and flow. This system is applied to interactable objects, such as a door, a lever, or a collectible item.

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This is all for today's article. We hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time.

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