Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is a stand-alone mod that combines Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert. While classic mode gets as close to the original game-play and balance as possible, Enhanced mode provides improved game balance and a lot of fun new stuff. DTA features many customization options for Skirmish and multiplayer (where you can play as GDI, Nod, Allies and Soviet on over 200 maps), challenging original singleplayer missions, as well as co-op missions. Since this is a stand-alone mod, you don't require anything but the mod itself to be able to play: the original game is not required.

Report RSS DTA Version 11.5 Released! + Map Editor and Covert Revolt updates

Providing an overview of the new patch and an update on what's to come.

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Dawn of the Tiberium Age Logo

DTA Version 11.5

Greetings Commanders! We'll go directly to the point this time: we have prepared a new patch for you, providing new maps, bug fixes and other improvements. Let's first showcase the new maps, they all have 6 players for some good 3v3 Co-Op fun:

[6] Sedona's Future

[6] Sedona's Future, a remake of the "Sedona Pass" map from RA2 Yuri's Revenge.

[6] Bay of Pigs

[6] Bay of Pigs, a remake of the map from RA2 Yuri's Revenge.

[6] Nowhere to Run

[6] Nowhere to Run, a remake of the map in Tiberian Sun: Firestorm.

[6] Unrepentant

[6] Unrepentant, another remake from RA2 Yuri's Revenge.

New map editor (WAE) tools

On the topic of maps, our World-Altering Editor made mapping for DTA much faster than ever before. Now it has become even more powerful with a new line-based terrain drawing tool!

Cliffs, shores, and roads can all be quickly created with this tool, instead of having to place them manually piece-by-piece. Credits to ZivDero for contributing the original code for this tool to our open-source map editor project, which we then improved on together.

WAE - Cliff placement

WAE - Shore Placement

"Covert Revolt" Campaign Development

DTA: Covert Revolt Logo

Many of our fans have been asking about our ambitious campaign project, "Covert Revolt". We are happy to announce that we now have two of the campaign's major routes ready, with the third well on the way. We just finished the 27th mission earlier this week, and there's only a few more to go before the campaign is ready for release! Unless I suddenly get hit by a bus or encounter another similar tragic event, you can expect the release to happen during the summer.

CR Route C #12

Preview for the 12th mission of Covert Revolt's C route

Updates to older missions

While we've been hard at work on creating new campaigns, we've also updated our older missions. Some fans brought to our attention that a couple of our older missions were destroying them really hard. To check for issues, we played them as well, and also got destroyed harder than intended. We concluded that the affected missions "Bunny Hunt" and "River Raid" had got harder over time due to changes to balance and game engine logic, so we nerfed both of them.

We also fixed the score screen colors of all our old missions. Traditionally the Tiberian Sun game engine had hardcoded score screen casualty colors to gold and red, matching colors of GDI and Nod in the original game. For DTA that obviously wasn't very fitting with our 4 factions. We recently managed to lift this limitation, so we are now able to customize the score screen colors separately for each mission.

Casualty colors

Score screen colors in DTA v11.5 in a mission with a Soviets vs Allies setting.

Change Log

This new patch also brings some other minor bugfixes and improvements. You can read the details on our change log page.

We hope these minor updates will keep you entertained until our big release of Covert Revolt later in the summer.

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The line drawing tool is a feature that saves so much time on a task I never really liked to do. It is an immense time saver. Thank you so much for implementing this masterpiece!!

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