"When there was no help, GRS stepped up. They never leave their people behind." Salvation Hours is a Single Player - Tactical - First Person Shooter developed by Wolf Wire Studios, a one man game studio. This game is based on the 2012 Benghazi Incident that involved the American Consulate, the CIA Base called the "Annex" and the GRS Operators posted there. It's an adaptation of all those true events with minor modifications done to preserve anonymity but also to keep the story as close to the real events, as it can be. You step into the shoes of one of the GRS Operators, Jack Sanders, who was deployed to Benghazi GRS in early September of 2012. This incident happened at the 11th Anniversary of the infamous 9/11 Incident. Find out what really happened, through Jack's perspective of this event.Features Play as one of the GRS Operative in a real narrative Immerse yourself in the action with 2 difficulty modes catered to beginners and veterans alike Realistic Ammo

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Salvation Hours - Announcement Post - Available on Steam.

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I am a solo developer making this game. It's been a journey of around 2 years into making "Salvation Hours" a reality, from scratch, using all my hard-work and dedication. Your support is appreciated. "Salvation Hours" is a First Person - Single player - Tactical Shooter based on the events of 2012 Attack on American Consulate in Benghazi.

Salvation Hours coming 25th June 2024

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