A Portuguese merchant who goes by Vasco looking for wealth in foreign lands tries to start business with Japan, he must fight pirates and earn the trust of the Japanese for his business to grow and prosper. However, the Japanese have reason to believe that the merchant is also trading with the Chinese, Vasco must try his best to hide this fact to not cause conflict. He isnt the only portuguese merchant in Japan, as other merchants may try to stop Vasco, going as far as sending assassins after him. Can Vasco surive this struggles while staying in the good side of the Japanese?

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On this article, you can see what we have been working on, on the past week.

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Hello everyone!

The game is almost here! And on the past week the team has been working very hard on Rota!

This week the game designers have been working on the dialogues present on the game. Here is a small excerpt of a dialogue!

Vasco: What is this beautiful art?

Martim: This is Ukiyo-e, a form of wood block art that depicts scenes of every day life, landscapes, and Kabuki theater actors. It is highly appreciated here in Japan.

Vasco: Impressive! The attention to detail is incredible

The programmers improved some mechanics they made previously and made a new one for a puzzle

Puzzle Mechanic

Companion Follow

The artists have been working on the backgrounds and on the cutscenes

Village background

Cutscene frame

The music artists have been working on the sound effects of the game.

We hope you enjoyed what you saw! If you want acess to sneak peeks of our work, you can follow us on Twitter / X !

See you next week!

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