Obitus is a multiplayer survival/fighting game influenced by the Hunger Games series. Twelve players but only one survivor. Race to the loot, craft or steal. Survival of the fittest. Hunt, survive, kill.

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Finally back! This time we talk about the new weather system, some more terrain work and some other good visual stuff!... oh!....and sharks.

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Hey guys and girls!

We are finally back with a new dev log! The plan was from the start to try getting one out every week. This worked great at first cause it was a lot more visual stuff to show. However that has changed and now its more and more code cleaning, bug fixing and network code being worked on so not to much to show.

However we have ofc made progress on the game and there are some stuff we wanna show you! So lets begin!

Weather system

We added a whole new weather system to the game and it works great. There are 3 main types.

Clear, foggy and rainy. The rain is split into 3 more types. Light, medium and storm.

During medium rain or storm campfires wont work anymore. They will extinguish after a few seconds die out. This makes it much harder to regain your stamina as we mentioned is regenerated via campfires.


Well we told you from the start- This isn't your normal survival game :P We want players to have to plan there movements and actions throughout the game. When should I run? When should i rest? etc.

During the foggy weather type is making it harder to see stuff from a distance, making it harder to see enemies, drop pods and even some resources.


Weather types

Progress of the development

We made a visual representation of the current progress for the game. We are somewhat behind of schedule from our previously shown roadmap. Trailer should be done and released by Q3 which I THINK still is the plan.

However we have had some network related issue that's been taking what feels like forever but that now is fixed.

We did loose both our 3D modeler and Animator due to lot of family related stuff so we are currently standing a bit still on animations and modeling and hoping to get new members on board asap.


Current progress

Previously we have been focusing on the center of the map and making sure it looks good. Last couple of days we have focused more on the shores of the map instead. Both visually and sounds been working on and it looks and feels amazing.

Here's some WIP screenshots




Tom Hanks? is that you?


Players will be able to swim around in the ocean, but be careful swimming to far from shore. There's sharks circling the island making sure that no contestant tries to flee the competition grounds.

Can the sharks be killed? Well... why don't you try?


Here's Bruce!

Multiple maps

The plan is after the game is released to start making more maps to compete on. However we might also introduce player gear to work with different biomes etc. This is all just ideas at the moment so we wont promise anything.

We also got some fresh and awesome looking concept arts from our talented artist Patryck! Please let us know what you think about them!

Obitus Illustration   main Final

Concept arts


Concept arts

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