Having fled the destruction of his people, and shipwrecked on an island, our hero must rebuild, survive, and thrive. An isometric survival RPG without the survival. Collect resources and craft items and weapons. Build a settlement on your island. Hunt in the darkest forests, or slay the undead in the cursed crypts. Explore, claim and restore the blighted islands and become a Jarl worthy of the sagas.

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This week I worked on the 6th Mission - helping to defend a friendly Tribe from waves of goblins.

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This week I worked on the Map for Mission 6 – Holding the Fort (I will keep calling it Mission 6 for now despite it most probably going to be inserted as Mission 3 or 4).

So, here’s what the map looks like from afar

mb 1

This is the “peace” map – when the actual fighting starts there will be a few more obstacles and fewer tribesfolk.

So, what’s happened here? Well, the tribe you’ve come to visit has been attacked by goblins and they’re close to being overrun.

You can notice the breaches in the walls which have been crudely repaired (this fact will become important later), as well as a number of exhausted and injured tribesfolk.

mb 2

You can have a chat with their Jarl to find out what’s happened – they’re not that hopeful about being able to survive another attack.

mb 3

So the player character offers them refuge at his own island – but someone will need to hold the fortress until everyone has gotten away to safety. And that’s where the player comes in.

That really covers what I’ve gotten done this week, but we can chat a bit more on the plan for this mission.

This mission will be about surviving waves of goblin attacks. The plan is for the motte to have some sort of passive healing, so the player can rest there between waves, however… remember the breaches I was telling you about? Goblins will attempt to send sappers to blow up the breaches, so if the player spends a lot of time to clear a wave, they might find goblins spawning from more than one location, making the fight harder. To make it easier, however, similar to the Assaulting the Fortress mission, there will be upgrades available. But I’ll speak on everything else in more detail as I implement it.

That’s about it for this week. Next week, it’s getting the combat to work.

Til then

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