Hey there fellow Warcraft 3 fans,

Our ongoing project is dedicated to introducing a multi-racial element into the game. Our goal is to enhance nearly all of Blizzard's official melee maps by incorporating additional factions. Initially, these new factions will offer gameplay similar to the original four factions, with further diversification planned based on community feedback in subsequent releases.

In upcoming patches, we'll not only expand the current campaign but also reimagine it, centering it around the newly introduced factions. This revision will encompass numerous storylines derived from years of World of Warcraft development. We aim to honor characters and factions such as Kael'thas and Calia Menethil by respectfully altering their narratives.

-The 1st Alpha release will include the following first 18 factions. Then a beta will follow with the 20 first factions, and then the full release with the factions of the List below:

1st Release Factions/Progress

  1. Draenai: 100%
  2. Lost Ones: 100%
  3. Night Elves: 100%
  4. Blood Elves: 100%
  5. High Elves: 100%
  6. Humans of Lordaeron: 100%
  7. Scarlet Crusade: 100%
  8. Humans of Dalaran: 100%
  9. New Horde: 100%
  10. Zandalari Trolls: 100%
  11. Amani Trolls: 100%
  12. Darkspear Trolls: 100%
  13. Scourge: 100%
  14. Naga: 100%
  15. Tauren of Thunderbluff: 100%
  16. Humans of Theramore: 90%
  17. Dwarves of Ironforge: 65%
  18. Forsaken: 40%
  19. Mag'har Orcs: 60%
  20. Fel orcs: 80%
  21. Tuskarr: 40%
  22. Nerubian: 50%
  23. Satyrs: 50%
  24. Burning Legion: 60%
  25. Centaurs: 50%

-In the following section are the factions that will be in the final release (more can be added later on):

1. Apexis
2. Outcasts

3. Burning Legion

4. Centaurs

5. Blue
6. Red
7. Bronze
8. Green
9. Black

10. Draenai
11. Broken -
12. Lightforge
13. Man'ari (Eredar)

14. Ironforge -
15. Dark Iron
16. Wildhamer
17. Frostborn

18. Night Elves
19. High Elves
20. Blood Elves
21. Farstriders
22. Nightborn

23. Ethereals

24. Goblins

25. Gnomerang
26. Mechagnomes

27. Argent Dawn
28. Lordaeron
29. Scarlet Crusade
30. Kul Tiras
31. Theramore
32. Stormguard
33. Stormwind
34. Guilneas
35. Alteraki
36. Bandits
37. Cult of the Damned
38. Vrykul

39. Hosen

40. Mogu

41. Murlock

42. Mur'gul

43. Nerubian
44. Mantid

45. Naga

46. Horde of Azeroth
47. Black rock orcs
48. Maghar
49. Felorcs

50. Zandalari
51. Amani
52. Drakkari
53. Darkspears
54. Shadowtooth

55. Thunderbluff
56. Highmountain
57. Taunka
58. Yaungol

Titan forces
59. Tol'vir

60. Tuskurr

61. Razormane

62. Scourge
63. Forsaken

64. Ogre

Old Gods
65. N'raqi

66. Pandaren
67. Furbolg

68. Worgen

69. Saberon

70. Sauroc

71. Satyrs

72. Kobolt

73. Gnoll

74. Vulpera

75. Sethrak

Youtube Channel:

Age of Warcraft


Age of Warcraft


Age of Warcraft

Mod Creators:

Darious & Demetres


Blizzard entertainment for providing the original models

Retera for providing the 3d program and tutorials

Trolldaeron for his awesome artwork (elven buildings)

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RSS Articles

Ai Presentation

News 1 comment

In game footage from our ai testing:


New menu:

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New ways of selecting a faction:


Wallpaper made by Trolldaeron: Artstation.com

Twelfth Faction Presentation

Twelfth Faction Presentation

News 1 comment

Hey there, today we are happy to announce our twelfth faction presentation for our project. The sturdy Tauren of Thunder Bluff are here. Later on we will...

Eleventh Faction Presentation

Eleventh Faction Presentation

News 6 comments

Hey there, today we are happy to announce our eleventh faction presentation for our project. The seafaring Naga are here. Later on we will release more...

Tenth Faction Presentation

Tenth Faction Presentation

News 4 comments

Hey there, today we are happy to announce our tenth faction presentation for our project. The formitable Troll tribe, the Zandalarir, is here. Later on...

AoW main menu

AoW main menu

News 1 comment

Hey there guys, just a sneak peek at the main menu of the mod.

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Rnsenpia - - 6 comments

Will u tell people to stream your mod like grubby when released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,786 comments

Are you going to use forsaken buildings from VictorZ in hiveworkshop ? Could allow you to go faster. The models are super high quality btw !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Age_of_Warcraft Creator
Age_of_Warcraft - - 331 comments

We are already in contact with victorZ.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Rnsenpia - - 6 comments

When is your next YouTube video ?the AI

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Age_of_Warcraft Creator
Age_of_Warcraft - - 331 comments

We are getting there, Check the latest image.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
sulistyocharis - - 1 comments

Daaaamn, can't wait for its first release....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
edborn94 - - 2 comments

And I'm looking forward to those 40% of the Forsaken becoming 100% and we can see a video about them, keep up the great work on this mod that looks like a dream come true

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Age_of_Warcraft Creator
Age_of_Warcraft - - 331 comments

Thanks mate!

Reply Good karma+4 votes
zeratul23244 - - 107 comments

have you talked with sur5ul about implementing your models into his survival chaos game mode? It would be amazing to see all these.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Age_of_Warcraft Creator
Age_of_Warcraft - - 331 comments

Sorry, we are not in contact with that person, but we are open to collaborations.

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