Outlawed Steel is a Beat ‘Em Up set in a post-apocalyptic industrial world, where the player is a bounty hunter making his way through hordes of punks. The game is heavily based on the player’s skills and reaction time as well as speed to give an input at the right timing. It will rely on parries and dodges to stay alive and attack in the windows of opportunity between the enemies attacks. The player needs to be focused most of if not all of the time.

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Short article about the development of Outlawed Steel, more specifically, the showcase of some more in depth 3D modeling we are curretnyl working on.

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Hello Everyone!!

This is the ninth article for our game Outlawed Steel.

This week we will be showing parts of a 3D model we are working on, this time a more finished and in depth showcase of an almost finished mesh.

Starting off with the whole front body.

image 2

Next we have a close-up of the chest, as well as his head.


Then, the back of his head and neck, his shoulders and upper arms, as well as the back and waist.


The lower arms, hands, fingers and upper legs.


And finally, the back of his lower legs and feet.


To finish this article, we are happy to announce that we have received a preview of the game's sounds done by students of ESAD, another school from IPLeiria, and they trully match what we had envisioned and i would like to also adress and congratulate them publicly here for the amazing work they did.

This is it for this week, see you around!!

Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned for next week!


Toasty Toad Towers Studios

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