We trained a neural network to kill... As an agent of the bureau, contact and investigate paranormal entities. The game cycle includes clear and sequential stages of investigation and exorcism, the success of which depends on effective teamwork and... your survival. The use of modern AI technologies guarantees the surprise factor and nondescript behavior of ghosts, the non-standard nature of their reactions within a set of patterns allowed to them. Qualitatively developed intelligence of ghosts makes the gameplay unpredictable and dependent on the actions and even...words of players. And believe us, you will get an answer. Be careful - you are heard, your actions are evaluated and they decide your fate. Learn the characteristics of a variety of ghosts and other supernatural phenomena to effectively confront them. Rich arsenal of magic spells, exorcism rituals and various tools to study and combat the paranormal. Unique ghost behavior strategies and ghost stories will make each

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Less than a month remains before the release of the game on Steam and it's a nice time to tell more about the game enemies.

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Еasy-to-understand game loop in "Bureau of Contacts" is complicated by a few nuances.

One of them is about the simultaneous enemies.

Previously, we talked about the ghost and the human-like behavior we put into it using generative ii technologies. But ghost is not the only enemy.
Yes, we decided that one enemy in the game is too banal and easy.

That's why there will be two enemies against the player at once - in addition to the ghost itself, the player will be confronted by the location itself.

Location is setting various traps for you, which lower your mental health and cause all sorts of discomfort.

“Mold on the Ceiling” trap causes players to cough, which slightly delays their movement and muffles the potential sounds of a sneaking ghost:


On the example of the "attracting eye" trap you can clearly see how 2 enemies successfully work in tandem:

The eye's job is to shift the player's camera to its side, making it harder for the player to move in the direction the player wants.
The player's slight delay may be enough to be taken advantage of by the ghost as the main enemy.

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