UNIFICATION 7.2.5 - (29/5/2024)

The ultimate race combiner, bugfixer and more.
For both the STEAM and the DVD version of Dawn of War: Soulstorm

An amazing documentary/thorough preview of the mod itself by Poncha:

An excellent video by Caldaris, explaining many of the more complicated mechanics in the mod for anyone having troubles with them still.

Unification 7.0 Highlights
You know already. ;)

...AND OF COURSE the New Races!!

In this release, the following 20 races are not only supported, THEY ARE INCLUDED!!
Renegade Guard
Inquisition Daemonhunt
Emperor's Children
Farsight Enclaves
Witch Hunters
Legion of the Damned
13th Company
World Eaters
Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators
Imperial Fists
Blood Angels
Thousand Sons
Chaos Daemons
Death Guard
Death Korps of Krieg
Black Templars
Steel Legion
Vostroyan Firstborn
Night Lords
Praetorian Guard
Dark Angels
Fallen Angels
Raven Guard

These are the STANDARD races, supported by Unification. And these are for STEAM MP gameplay!

Serious Warning: If you have heart (or any other medical) issues, do NOT play Against the Emperor's Children!!! Their Survival profile is NOT for the faint-hearted!!! You have been warned, we bare no responsibility if you still dare try!

We have our changelogs posted on our Wikia. B
are in mind, we have changed and added so many, it was hard to keep track of. So, is best to have a look in game for yourself!

In addition, if you need further troubleshooting help, either head out to our FAQ on our Discord or the Troubleshooting Section on our Wikia.

> Greetings everyone! This is going to be the place where we will be developing the Unification Mod for the Dawn of War SoulStorm game, along with the Race Mods. Unification at its core, is an advanced combiner mod that allows you to seamlessly combine almost all community-created races. Make no mistake, this is the ABSOLUTE way to combine races. SCaR, AI, audio, winconditions, rules and all other aspects of the game need CAREFUL treatment, and I have already done the job.
> With the new version, it got even further. From 5.9 and beyond, it is also an ART REVAMP mod. All nine vanilla races are re-modelled to match higher visual standards.
> So this place will also be a "hub" for most race mods as well. You see, my team leads most of the race mods, so whenever we update one, a Unification note will also be posted.


This version works both with the STEAM and the DVD version of the SoulStorm game. Please, have your game updated to the latest patch version, for maximum efficiency.
Important: Your PROFILE name, MUST NOT end with a [Space] and a Numerical. Which means that names like "Uber 1" or "Superman 3" or "John 7" or "Computer 5" will cause issues!!!

I get out-of-memory errors,what do I do?
- Enable LAA. - In your local.ini(inside your Soulstorm folder),have the fullres_teamcolour=0.
- For bigger games,have the persistent scarring and bodies to low or off.
If the issue persists on your system,try 6p maps instead of full 8p.This is a memory limit of the engine itself,as it is a 32-bit application.
- To gain gain some more free Memory, just leave the AI MapDB wincondition, DISABLED.

4.)I have frame drop issues when I move my mouse and is flickering.
This is a bug caused by a Nvidia drivers update. 1.) Head to your Soulstorm folder and open a file entitled 'local.ini'. Look for a line that says 'screennovsync=0' and change the '0' to a '1'.
2.) Again, in your Soulstorm folder, enter the 'Drivers' folder and open a .txt file named 'spdx9_config'. Look for a line that says 'allowhwcursor 1' and change the '1' to a '0'.
3.) Test out your game. If your game is not running perfectly and you are using a NVIDIA GPU, roll your driver back to at least 457.41. Some people are experiencing issues with the 460+ drivers when it comes to playing older games.



- The game - either the DVD or Steam version (obviously!). Dawn of War is VERY cheap nowadays, so there is no excuse for not having it :) Remember that you must have the DoW game and all expansions (WA,DC,SS) to play with all 9 core races! (Note that to play on-line, you will need the Steam version.)
- A capable machine. 3 Ghz CPU / 4 GB Sys mem / 2 GB Vid mem would allow you to play the game at almost full settings. The most important part is the memory. I would say, 6 Gbs + is a must.

Please note if the exe of the Campaign Configurator is marked as a virus,it is a false positive.However,if you still do not trust it,you are free to delete it,especially if you do not care much about the campaign.This is also one of the reason we allow for manual installation,in case people do not trust the installer for whatever reason.

DON'T FORGET: The DoW game series is a marvel given to us by Relic/Sega and and the WH40k universe is the outstanding creation of Games Workshop - a work of true art, if you ask me. There are countless souls in these companies (I hope I mentioned them all!) that have worked hard to provide us with this outstanding sci-fi experience. A big THANKS goes to them, and (needless to say) full credits are rightfully their own.

For your consideration, a full credits list is located here.

(Since the pastebin does not allow the links, please check out the pages of aforementioned creators here:

L. G Lupton:
Pontus Hultgren
Anthony Lo Re
1st song: "Termination of Desires"
2nd song: "A Glorious Awakening"
Kurilovich Aleksey
Gabriel Fernandez

Special section for VA who have requested their websites to be featured:
Matthew Vanston
Ki McKenzie
Tracer Krieg
Christine Slagman
Seoras Exley
Aimee Smith
Stig Sydtangen
Andreas S
Alexis Kane
Hugh Tamlin

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RSS Articles


Greetings to everyone and what a great way to celebrate the annual Warhammer SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE game event a Unification main release! You read it correctly, 7.1 is not released as a patch to be applied over but rather as a full release. We have chosen to do so that way, for first to avoid confusion when installing, making it easier in the long run for everyone to install the mod and second and most importantly, due to the plethora of fixes, improvements and certain balance changes, is preferable, more stable and to maintain faster load times to repack all. Especially given we will be taking a big break after before we resume with 8.0.

You may find the full 7.1 Changelog as usually on our Wikia.

One of the main new additions 7.1 brings is of course, the new version of the long awaited Campaign Addon. Such a great achievement not possible without the beyond the call work and effort done by AndO3131!
Coming with many new additions and improvements, too many to list here and thus better to discover for yourselves. I can however confirm that the new addon adds two new alternative to the Chaos Marines Factions, the Emperor's Children under Miriael and the 1st Joint Karauvan Expedition of the Renegade Guard.
Both now coming with their own backstory of why invading Karauva and after action reports. In the case of the Renegade Guard and the involvements of the Daemon Hunters, the Tyranids and Chaos Daemons in particular, as they all play a part to our ongoing campaign project, more lore bits aside from in-game can be found for your convenience on our Wikia, so stay tuned for the updates there!

Please note, this is still experimental and in Open Beta and updates on the Campaign Addon shall resume now independently of the main mod development. For any new versions of the Addon, we shall inform you through our "Announcements Channel" on our Discord Server.




Moving on, the highly requested Unlimited Addon by Corncobman is also getting its release, fully updated to the current version. As always, be warned. The AI can and will make use of the removal of the caps. We hold no responsibility if the AI annihilates you or your PC first. Whatever happens first.


Copying over the 7.0 article, some helpful general advice before we move to the download links:
- If you are doing a clean installation of Soulstorm through Steam, please make sure LAA is enabled successfully. Steam has a tendency to disable it. If yes, do a restart of your PC and either enable through the Mod Manager anew or manually using the NTCore Patch.

- When launching a first match with the new version, there is a chance you will get a CTD at the start of the loading process. That is normal. The game profile still wants to load the SCAR files from the old version. A simple restart of the game(not the PC) will fix this and the game will load fine.

- Thanks to optimizations in packaging and ModDB raising the upload cap, we can have one single archive required only to be downloaded. In addition, the Unification_Bugfix and Unification_Bugfix_New_Races module files are discontinued as all semi-supported race mods are now complete and in. The mod is now called simply Unification.

- Do not use the Discord App when playing Dawn of War in general!
As you may have read before, we have done many tests and confirmed that the Discord App messes with the DirectX9 DOW uses as it injects itself for the Overlay.
That has as a result to mess up the memory usage of the game and result in many RAM crashes. Disabling the app has showed a huge increased in stability.
Using the Browser is safe.
That is a bug with Discord itself that Discord does not bother to fix because old dlls. This is the same reason why you may get corrupted menus in the campaign which are only fixed if you close the app.

- Our tests have been very positive so far but as always, the public is the true stress test. Should there be any major bug that we have missed, like the last times, we will observe and release a Hotfix as soon as possible should it be needed.

- Mirrors as usually are available on the first post of our FAQ. They will be updated in the coming days.

- About the Campaign Addon:

This addon uses its own Campaign Configurator, located inside the unification_campaign_701 folder. Use this to switch the Sisters of Battle to the Witch Hunters and Chaos Space Marines to the Emperor's Children or the Renegade Guard. Please keep in mind this is still experimental as was never attempted before.

Copy the contents of "DXP2\Movies" folder into "unification_campaign_701\Movies" folder. This is needed otherwise they movies will not play and the game may crash! Engine limitation, for mods the files must be manually copied over. Don't overwrite "ss_kaurava_intro" file, as there is a minor addition in it. :)

Also use the Campaign Configurator to configure your campaign and afterwards launch the Campaign version of the Mod Launcher with admin rights, with "enable UNI.DLL" ticked on.



Installer exe

Main Package

Unification Campaign Addon

Unlimited Addon



Instructions for using the installer:

- Download the Unification package and the Unification Installer. Thanks to optimizations in packaging and ModDB raising the upload cap, we can have one single archive required only to be downloaded.

- Have the archive file in the same location(usually,it should be your default downloads folder) with where the installer is.

- Run the Installer exe and follow the instructions on screen. (Please mind the installer also counts as an uninstaller for any old version of Unification and the race mods as well as allows for installing the DOW Mod Launcher.)

- Enjoy!

Instructions for manual installation (intended for Mac and Linux OS users as well as for whoever does not wish to use or can't for whatever reason use the installer):

- Manually delete any old version of Unification and race mods that you may have installed.

- Only download the Unification package.

- Unzip it directly inside your Dawn of War Soulstorm directory.

- Download the Mod Launcher from the downloads section here and paste inside your Soulstorm folder.

- Make a shortcut of the Unification Campaign Configurator which is inside the extracted Unification folder.

- Copy the Movies folder from the DXP2 folder inside the Unification folder if you wish cutscenes in the campaign to be played(the installer copies them automatically).

- Enjoy!


And with that, we would like to deeply thank every single one of you who have been supporting us and enjoying Unification! You all make all of the hardships and work be worth the while!
We have to note however that with the release of 7.1, we shall begin our long break and resume any further development of the mod with 8.0. We do not know how long it may take but initial plans, at least for 8.0, include it being much smaller in size and development circle, including less new races.

Them being as already stated the Elysian/Droppers Guard, the Deathwatch and following them, one of the main stars, the AdMech rework. Although some certain jungle warriors are not completely out of the picture either. In any case, only time shall tell, sooner or later.
Until then, have fun everyone!


- Team Unification

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2022

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2022

Feature 26 comments

The voting period for the Top 100 mods has closed, and it's now time to announce the winners of the 2022 Mod of the Year Awards, as chosen by you!

The journey has come at its end. 7.0 is here.

The journey has come at its end. 7.0 is here.

News 67 comments

It has been a long and difficult journey, but patience and persistence is rewarded. For 7.0 has arrived!

The journey towards 7.0 (Part5)

The journey towards 7.0 (Part5)

News 48 comments

The wait is over, the final part of the Dev Blog is finally upon us.

The journey towards 7.0 (Part4)

The journey towards 7.0 (Part4)

News 48 comments

Join us in the part 4 of the 7.0 roadmap, as we discuss the awaited Steel Patch.

RSS Files
Unification v7.2.5 installer exe

Unification v7.2.5 installer exe

Full Version 3 comments


Unification v7.2.5

Unification v7.2.5

Full Version 7 comments

The Unification main files. This package contains the 7.2.5 Patch. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY FOR INSTRUCTIONS!

Unification v7.2.5 Patch(Upgrade from 7.2 to 7.2.5)

Unification v7.2.5 Patch(Upgrade from 7.2 to 7.2.5)


The patch exe to Unification v.7.2.5. THIS IS ONLY FOR UPGRADING FROM 7.2 TO 7.2.5! DO NOT USE WITH 7.0 or 7.1!

Engine (7.0 Version)

Engine (7.0 Version)

Wallpaper 3 comments

A nifty Unification Wallpaper as the main loading screen for the game.

DoW Mod Manager v2.3.1

DoW Mod Manager v2.3.1

Installer Tool 131 comments

This application allows for an easy launch of mods and management of large collections of mods for Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Soulstorm™️ and Warhammer...

Unification v7.2.0 installer exe

Unification v7.2.0 installer exe

Full Version


Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 11,890)
danimadrid1984 - - 85 comments

Anybody have issues when you select Emperors Children as you or opponent? When the map is loading, automatically crashes...Thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,869 comments

Amazing work. Seriously, it's amazing to mod a 16-year-old game and give it this much content.

My friends and I love to do three-player survival. I don't know if it is the power that the new races bring, but have you made some changes to survival to make it easier? We regularly play on Insane-Heroic, and we've noticed a decrease in that early rush and crazy escalation in the later waves.

Again, fantastic work, we love this mod so much.

Buff Dark Angels /Joke.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator
Kekoulis - - 3,630 comments

There have been some changes, both QoL and AI related. For many profiles, they are less difficult at the start and scale later. Hopefully feels better to play now.

Also :V on the DA.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,869 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 693,869 comments

I would like to consult, I want to make the game speed up about 10%, in the game setting can not be customized, please tell me how to do it, thank you very much!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Kekoulis Creator
Kekoulis - - 3,630 comments

You need to edit your autoexec file. Instructions in the screenshots and videos channel pins in our Discord.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,869 comments

Hmm, with all the new campaign races, bar the EC and chaos demons, there's always a crash to desktop on beating and enemy stronghold. Tried the ram fix, no luck

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Caldaris94 - - 220 comments

Turning off Campaign Bases partially worked for me.
My alternative was to save the game just before the Victory Condition was achieved, then reloaded it after a crash. I also restarted the game before fighting the stronghold itself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,869 comments

is it possible to combine the unlimited mod with the campaign mod? for (obvious) reasons ....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kekoulis Creator
Kekoulis - - 3,630 comments

Yes. We have the module file in the pins of the campaign feedback and suggestion channel in our Discord.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,869 comments

can you send the discord link please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kekoulis Creator
Kekoulis - - 3,630 comments Reply Good karma+1 vote
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