Call of Pripyat takes you once again into the vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor that exploded in 1986. This so-called "Zone" is a highly contaminated area cordoned off by the military and now is combed through by the so-called stalkers, modern fortune hunters, in search of unique artifacts.

In the role of Agent Alexander Degtyarev, who is dressed up as stalker, you have to investigate the mysterious disappearance of five military helicopters and thereby stand one’s ground against the various stalker groups.

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NZK MOD 3.1.4

ANOMALY 1.5.2 - NZK MOD 3.1.4

NZK MOD 3.1.4 is a content mod for ANOMALY 1.5.2
This mod is a synthesis of NLC, DEAD AIR and ANOMALY

The passage of the mod with all quests is designed for 200+ hours

NZK MOD 3.1.4 uses Anomaly 1.5.2 as a base, without Anomaly 1.5.2 the new version of NZK will not work!

For the MOD version you will need a clean version of Anomaly 1.5.2

This modification is aimed at changing the game by improving the intelligence of game opponents, complicating the gameplay, improving game aspects and adding new features to the game.

The main idea is to bring the game closer to the Survival RPG genre.

Hardcore mod.

All innovations were made solely to improve the atmosphere and change the difficulty of the game.


1) For the STANDALONE version: unpack the archive to any directory on your PC or run the mod installer.

2) For MOD version: copy the gamedata folder to the folder where ANOMALY 1.5.2 is installed.

Mod version 3.1.4 is designed for powerful modern PCs DX10-11.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot


The main character, Kaidanovsky, also known as Kaidan, is an employee of the private agency Omega. The main task of the main character is to understand who he is, what his past is, what is happening in the present, what this formation – the Zone – represents. Who is the Strelok about whom there are so many stories and rumors. The search for “his” path in life, his place among stalkers, those who come to the Zone for a while and sometimes stay here forever - this is the main incentive that drives our hero to go all the way...

Two new main storylines have been added to the mod: 1. Added the main plot of NLC 2. Added the main storyline from the Omega Option mod. Many quests from STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl were restored.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot25


Industrial zone:

The zone is unpredictable. Recent changes to the Zone have opened the way to a new area known as the Industrial Zone. Access is via army depots and a truck graveyard. It is inhabited by mutants of all stripes, but Stalkers have already begun to explore it in search of new artifacts and riches. In addition, some factions have already begun to fight each other for control of the new region. Due to the dangerous anomaly fields to search for, this will be a risky but rewarding place to explore.

Promzone has 8 anomalous zones and 15 new smart landscapes, as well as about 40 caches to find.


Dense forest that isolates the mercenaries from the rest of the zone. The main road is usually safe enough, but all the treasures lie deep in the forest, filled with anomalies and mutants. Grimwood is located between the army depots and Dead City, with connecting paths to the army depots, Dead City and the Red Forest.
Grimwood has 8 anomalous zones, 17 smart landscapes and about 40 caches.

City "South":(beta)

Large urban/suburban settlement, mutants and stalkers everywhere. This map is the largest of all in the Anomaly (15% larger than Zaton or Jupiter). It is located between the Landfill, Dark Valley, Truck Graveyard, and Army Depots and has passages to them.

The town of "Yuzhny" has 7 anomalous zones, 37 smart terrains, about 130 caches and a couple of small bases of freedom and bandits (I will try to add more in the future along with quests).

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot9

An attempt has been made to create a unique biome for each location. New environment textures and grass for each location - NZK MOD ANOMALY FLORA OVERHAUL v.3.1.3

The TV now shows real video; a unique broadcast network was created for the mod

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot


A huge number of new dialogues in the game

Most quest characters will now be able to barter quest items with you

It's now possible to hire stalkers for joint raids

It is possible to have a dialogue with every NPC in the game
For convenience, the dialogues are divided into groups. Each character in the game can give you a task

More unique quest characters created
Additional plot and regular dialogues have been added for all characters in the location. New dialogues for all NPCs in the game (!)

New quest characters at the Landfill, Cordon, TD and other locations

a chain of information trading has been created - now a Personal Diary can be exchanged for a PDA with the ability to detect a cacheGPS beacons can be exchanged for a PDA with the coordinates of caches (3k1)Broken PDAs can be exchanged for new PDAs with an additional payment +Broken micro-laughs can be exchanged for Broken PDAs

- trade in information (trade of PDAs with data is currently implemented)

- for the convenience of players, dialogues of different quest lines have different text colors

- dialogues that create an atmosphere + all random dialogues from PM have been restored

New dialogues for absolutely all characters in locations

Added a huge number of new dialogue threads

A lot of dialogues have been added for absolutely all characters in locations

- Many of the original dialogues have been changed

- Unique characters are assigned unique dialogues

In total, more than 2,500 spoken lines have been added, three lines of dialogue for regular NPCs, and five or six for unique characters.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot50


Leveling up player skills has been added to the game - HarukaSkillSystem-v1.5.0 + Skills_Expansion 2.0 - v2.0.4 + Classes_and_talents_0.51


The attitude of the factions towards the GG has changed - now, playing as Loners, you can complete the tasks of Bandits, Military and Mercenaries (as in the original CoP). Changes in relations affected only the main player and do not affect the game balance in any way. By the way, sooner or later you will have to choose which group to work for when performing certain tasks, so maintaining neutrality will be quite problematic.

In general, this concept brings the game closer to an RPG and gives you a choice in which direction to develop relations with one or another group.

the changes affected only Loners; when playing for other factions, the relationship will remain the same as in the original Anomaly

Added an artifact activation system (a first for Anomaly!) A unique model and HUD were created for each artifact


diameter 2m, 30% power

"Stone Flower
diameter 3m, 50% power

"Night star"
diameter 5m, 100% power


diameter 2m, 30% power

diameter 3m, 50% power

"Gold fish"
diameter 5m, 100% power

diameter 3m, 50% power[8]

"Blood of Stone"
diameter 2m, 30% power

"A Piece of Meat"
diameter 3m, 50% power

diameter 5m, 100% power

diameter 2m, 30% power

diameter 3m, 50% power[9]

diameter 5m, 100% power

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot63


Integrated Redone Collection + Semi Radiant AI 0.3

Many smart-terrains have been revised

Added new unique NPC behavior models for many locations

The A-life system has been completely changed
New system for respawning day and night mutants

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot44

Added over 1200 (!) side quests from NLC7 mods, Omega Option, adapted Dead Air Revolution II + Patch3
Increased variety of similar quests
Adapted DEAD AIR REVOLUTION PATCH 3 - new quests
Adapted DEAD AIR REVOLUTION II - new quests
New quests (1000+ pieces!) from the Dead Air Revolution II mod and
Dead Air Balance+ quests from NZK by death_dealer

Dead Air Revolution II is a Dead Air addon based on Dead Air 0.98b and Dead Air Rebalance 1.2.5, bringing over 700 new quests.

Arszis Immersive Dynamic Tasks

(everything except the fetch script is adapted)

Igi Tasks

GT Tasks

Artifact Hunters

LTTZ DC - 1.5RC18

Basic settings and updates:

- Changed the quest "Living Legend: Champion of the Monolith" to make Eidolon live up to expectations.

- Revised the "Mortal Sin: Urban Warfare" quest: enemies appear in stages to avoid a situation where all Sin forces arrive in one place at the same time.

- The quest "Mortal Sin: Endgame" has been remade according to the original concept.

- Added several PDA messages to improve story flow.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot45


Dead Air Revolution II has a large number of different quests, which can be divided into several groups:

Story quests are quests that are designed to reveal and show a specially prepared plot for the player. Highlighted in yellow in dialogues and PDAs.

Side quests are quests that can be completed freely. Quests are required to complete. Highlighted in orange in dialogues and PDAs.

Chains are quests related to finding certain items for NPCs. The quests follow each other and are not required to be completed, but the reward after completing the entire chain will be very good. Highlighted in orange in dialogues and PDAs.

Statistical are quests that reflect your ability to survive in the Zone. As you complete these quests, you will gradually gain various skills. Highlighted in red in dialogues and PDAs.

Number of new quests

17 story quests for normal mode

540 side quests for normal mode

540 quest chains for normal mode

23 quests to investigate anomalies

33 quests to find the Collector's hiding places

25 quests for Dead Air Rerum mode

179 quests for Dead Air Survival mode

24 quests for Dead Air War Monolith mode

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot33

Types of quests

- bring an item

- find an item/object/NPC

- destroy NPCs/mutants/object

- repair of an item/object

- installation of an item/object

- get to the point

- collect 6 pieces of map/document

- dig up a cache

- hack cache/PDA

- courier, parcel delivery

- bookmark the cache

- target shooting

- sudden SMS/signal on PDA

- fishing, catch fish

- cutting down trees, extracting firewood

- rock mining

- capture of enemy territory

- interception of enemy cargo

- survey/interrogation of NPCs

- interaction with an object/subject

- creation/crafting of items

- quests using a CD

- quests using the Radio Station

- quests using the Teleporter

- quests using the Time Timer

- quests using the Camera

- quests using Walkie Talkie

- quests using the Receiver

- quests using Other devices

21, Craps, Russian Roulette

Added artifact transmutation system
To create an artifact you will need a transmutation recipe and ingredients - the artifact transmutation system has been changed and expanded - Haruka EFP Artefact Transmutation has been integrated - transmutation recipes from NLC are now fully functional

-transmutation occurs using a special device - an artifact transmuter (integrated into the detector, sold from Scientists)
the recipe is installed in the detector using an artifact transmuter
install the transmutator into the detector (the model descriptions indicate whether the detector is suitable for an upgrade), then install the recipe into the detector with the transmutator installed

all NLC transmutation recipes added to PDA (Notes)
general recipes for different types of anomalies (Haruka EFP Artefact Transmutation)
artifacts can be transmuted in two ways - from merchants (you need a recipe for crafting), or in an anomaly (after installing the recipe in a detector with a transmuter)

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot59


  • characteristics of all artifacts have been reworked;
  • added about 150 new artifacts
  • many artifacts from PM have been restored

Two types of containers - standard, NLC
Many new artifacts have been added to the mod (150+), artifacts are divided into three levels, artifacts disintegrate
+ Perk Based Artifacts

  • artifacts disintegrate during use;
  • some costumes have 5 or 7 slots for artifacts;
  • the maximum number of artifacts on the belt has been increased to 18;

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot42

Three new factions have been added - Marauders, Raiders and Hunters
Marauders are hostile to the Player - thanks to this, the game becomes more skirmishes and unusual situationsRaiders are hostile to the Player
Marauders and Raiders are neutral to Bandits and Renegades Hunters are based in the Wild Territory in the camp
Present throughout the Zone
Marauders are worse equipped than Raiders
Bandit squads have been rebalanced. Entry into Hunters, Renegades, ISG (with quests)

Added missing medics to the Location: - Hip is now a Medic at the Cordon
- A medical ecologist has been added to Yantar

A new type of merchant has been added - Artifact Dealer. There are only two of them in the Zone - Informant and Ozersky. New unique characters in the Landfill - Merchant, Doctor, Dealer, Repairman. New unique characters in Cordon and Dark Valley.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot24


Player dreams (timelapse effect added)
Increased gameplay difficulty, added background radiation in closed locations

- New limb damage system

- Toxic air and rare acid rain

- Animal meat and food spoil over time

- Changes have been made to actor.ltx for realism and complexity of the game

- Movement speed now depends on the suit

- Exoskeletons now require a battery

- Reworked assortment of merchants

- Changed things at the start of the game

- A barter system has been introduced between the player and NPCs

-Added and balanced withdrawal of money from corpses

- Changed camera movement animations

- Added animations for using items

- Integrated Level_Transition_Travel_Simulator

- Changed the immunities of all mutants and stalkers

- Fixed characteristics of all artifacts

- updated script txr_routes.script for DEAD AIR REVOLUTION dialogs

- some passages (Army warehouses - Radar, Army warehouses - Red Forest, Agroprom - Dungeons of the Research Institute Agroprom, Dark Valley - X18) open only after completing quest lines

-the price for calibration and purchase of a psi-helmet has been increased

-the price for purchasing transitions between locations has been increased (only when the Open Zone mode is disabled!)

- guides at initial locations do not accompany to distant areas of the Zone

-added Controller's Diaries (can be taken from a killed mutant)

-new interactive objects have been added to the location (currently these are radios, caches, lamps)

- background psi radiation at distant locations (Red Forest, Limansk, Pripyat, Generators, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant) from the Grok GAMMA RC3 mod was adapted

Without a psi helmet, you will be affected by psi radiation in locations

- gas masks, filters, cylinders

the air in some locations is now toxic (exceptions - Cordon, Bar, Gut, Glade, Swamps, Backwater, Jupiter, Military)

toxic air has no effect near stalker camps

Gas masks now require filters, filter installation is animated

- aiming consumes stamina
- The PDA needs to be hacked

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot57


New unique weapons - Flamethrower, Gauss Rifle, Gauss Pistol, Automatic Saiga, Minigun, Tube Bomb, Molotov Cocktail, Metro Bear

unique barrels made of PM and NLC were restored - AK Strelka, Rifle Hunter, etc.
New weapons - integrated B&S mod, as well as some barrels from SHOKER WEAPON MOD and MWpack (update4) Added Mauser pistol and Winchester shotgun Added revolver class Shotguns and PP can be installed in the first and fifth slot

12 21 22 01 24 40 l07 military

Added a stationary PKM turret with the ability to install

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot69


New types of zombies: zombies are divided into three types1 - classic slow zombies2 - ghouls (fast and normal)3 - jagger

New types of mutants - Mutant Dwarf, Chimera Beast, Leshy, Wolf, Sabretooth, Leeper, Ratwolf, Death Claw, Tree Frog, Worm, Slug,Ghoul, Kikimora, Amoeba, Proboscis, Spider, Cockroach, Splinter, Mole Rat, Parasite, Foulbrood, Dragonfly, Swamp Zombie
The cut mutants from Anomaly have been restored, new monsters have been added to squads. Two logical behavior models have been added to spiders. Dynamic spawning of mutants (Dynamic Mutants + Nocturnal Mutants) has been added to the location. For each mutant, several different texture options have been added, new models for some monsters.

The controller is voiced, humanoid mutants have human sound sources

New monsters -new monsters have been added, original sounds have been added to monsters from Metro 2033

new ENT models of snorks, controllers, zombies from Mutants Model Pack #1-2

- unique body parts have been added to all new mutants

- added changes to Burer and Controller from arszi

+ added new sounds of controller, zombie, pseudo-dog

The relationships of monsters to each other have been rebalanced, namely:

- Bloodsuckers are at enmity with all living beings

- Dogs and pseudo-dogs hunt boars and flesh

- The pseudogiant is dangerous for all animals

- Humanoid mutants now treat each other neutrally

- Cats are the worst enemies for rats and jerboas

Work has been done to adjust the balance - now monsters do not eat quest characters (for the most part), the number of monsters in squads has been balanced, various living creatures can now be found in all locations, rats have been added (their number has been increased, now they can be found everywhere and in every location, for stalkers they are neutral)

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot68

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot2


ANDThe latest version of ScreenSpaceShaders has been integrated
Integrated bump-mapping from Sky4CE -=SkyGRAPHICS=- MOD v2.0 RC4.1
Added chromatic aberration effect during rain from the PANORAMIC mod. Added new sound effects and music theme for the Blowout
- added HollywoodFX 3 particles

A unique DUAL BUMP MAPPING system has been created

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot4

Kissel, Amoeba, Sphere, Zero Gravity Zone

- Adapted Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies +1.2 Eugenium Hazardous Anomalies FIX ANOMALY 1.5.0. BETA 2.4 REGIONS PATCH New anomalies + dynamic spawning system of anomalies in locations

10 brand new dynamic anomalous zones based on the updated DoctorX random spawn system.

  1. A dozen completely new anomalous zones that did not exist before. This:

- "Darkness" - "Flash" - "Ghost" - "Liquid Gold" - "Green Dragon"

- “Mephistotle” - “Network” - “Point” - “Radar” - “Press”

  1. A unique random spawn system based on the DoctorX Dynamic Anomalies script with custom improvements. The anomalies you see depend on your location.

The closer you are to the center of the Zone, the more diverse and dangerous it is


  1. Each anomaly has its own unique quality particle effect, sound and impact.

Added the ability to spawn artifacts when NPCs or mutants die in classic anomalies


AI pack RC functions have been fully restored
This is a set of 3 AI schemes for STALKER. 1) the “grenadier, throwing grenades” scheme; the previous version has been improved: different voices for groups when throwing a grenade; new marks on the minimap for grenades; errors have been corrected; the algorithm for issuing and removing grenades has been changed; The decision-making logic has been slightly changed. 2) “medic” scheme Now NPCs will be able to treat wounded friends and neutrals if they have a first aid kit. An NPC can also heal himself if he is more than half wounded. Again - if you have a first aid kit. Treatment occurs in a calm environment in the absence of an enemy
3) "Tamagotchi" scheme: now you can sell an NPC some kind of suit and if it suits him, he will put it on. You can also throw it at his feet - if he suits you, he will pick it up. In addition, an armor upgrade system has been introduced - now NPCs are developing quite It is possible to meet, over time, a newcomer NPC who has acquired, for example, a stalker costume or even SEVA.

NPC accuracy increased, behavior model changed
NPCs actively change tactics in close combat

Changed xr_danger.script file - NPCs respond adequately to sounds

Enabled adequate panic module NPC fleeing 0.33

NPCs throw bolts to search for anomalies and bypass them

NPCs and mutants die in anomalies
(chance of death for all NPCs – 5%)

New behavior scheme for NPC – robber-bandit

New NPC behavior patterns - smoker, seeker, drunkard

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot14


Unique PDAs of stalkers - now they can be fully used, from unique PDAs you can get the coordinates of caches. Many quest items and notes have been added that reveal the plot of the game

New weapon positions POSITION VIEW by CEMENT + adaptation of weapons from SHOKER WEAPON MOD by death_dealer + EFP Weapon RePosition

Many equipment repair items for technicians have been restored and fixed.

Added several new types of anomaly detectors
+ Walkie Talkie
+GPS beacon
+Unloading now has functionality in the form of a built-in pocket for storing items
+Electronic notebook (NLC)

A huge number of unique quest items Many types of armor from PM have been restored Added armor from NLC
Canned food can be irradiated with radiation + toxic

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot21


The corpses of stalkers and mutants are decomposing.
Corpses and dead bodies have a rotting effect due to the application of decals, as well as a sound effect and particles.

Thanks to xcvb for expanding and improving the functionality of the script.

A unique corpse removal system created for NZK - corpses after decomposition turn into a skeleton.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot64


Adds dismemberment of various body parts when someone deals large fatal damage to an NPC. Upon death, the NPC bleeds.

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot3


New models of scientists New models and textures of stalkers New textures for many items

Environment textures from NZK MOD 1.3:

- texture of doors, posters and some surfaces

- volumetric effect and rain texture from NZK 1.3 (by Farsight)

- environment textures from NZK MOD, DEAD AIR, NLC

- item textures

- new blood textures

The texture of the energy drink has been replaced with the texture of the "STALKER" drink

Radar points restored

Animated RPG cursor from DEAD AIR

New inventory texture

Partially integrated Simple_Autumn_Retexture_Desaturated

The main menu of the game has been completely redesigned:

New foreground image + video from NZK 1.3 For the first time, the effect of chromatic aberration and reflection (liquid imitation) has been added to blood textures

4K PDA textures + high quality map textures

Anomaly HD Models Addon / HD models for Anomaly (updated)

Anomaly HD Monsters Addon / HD mutant models for Anomaly

New textures of the landscape and the surrounding world, new textures of monsters (some have been improved using a neural network) New effect of bloody trails Adapted terrain textures EXPEDITION and partially Misery

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot4

transport requires gasoline to drive a new car has been added - an SUV from HL2:EP2 a new car has been added - an SUV Hammer a new vehicle has been added - an ATV, ATV sounds have been added unique textures for cars have been added a new UAZ model

new transport – GA324, Zhiguli

added transport HD Car Definition Pack

You can start the vehicle by pressing the “O” key

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot58

l07 military car


New inventory textures (backpack dialog box, barter window, boxes) - NZK MOD ANOMALY INVENTORY HUD RETEXTURE v.3.1

Unique textures of inventory, interface and dialog windows Most video screensavers from PM have been restored

- PDA messages for the Encyclopedia have been restored

- added first-person visuals of the GG model for armor from NLC

-updated inventory

sorting, new functions, names of items on icons

-the fifth slot can now be used for sawn-off shotguns, pistols, and edged weapons

-in the first slot you can also place submachine guns Scorpion, MP-7, Cypress, PP-2000 and sawn-off shotguns

You can use sawn-off clips in the first slot simultaneously with detectors

- Interactive PDA, Stalker Tracking System, Atrifact_signature_locator_1.0.2

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot01


11 hours of new atmospheric music for the first radio wave
25 hours of ambient music to create the atmosphere


Changed shot sounds for most guns
New sounds of GG steps, updated sounds of GG status. Added stories around campfires.
Unique voice acting for many NPCs
Some NPCs speak Ukrainian (added for all factions) The entire ambient of the game has been reworked
New atmospheric sounds in all locations
Sounds from Metro 2033, SoC, Dead Air and AREA
New unique sounds for all monsters

A huge music library has been selected to create a special atmosphere

Voiced_Actor_2.0_Russian_Version [reworked by NZK]

The character is now voiced; he will periodically say some phrases; if you are in the game with a partner, then the character will voice his actions.

Changed radio

Separately, I would like to note the work on the radio - now this is not pop nonsense, but a real element of the atmosphere, now on the radio it is possible to catch conversations, interference and much more, over 5 hours of new music have been added - special attention has been paid to this point

The volume of the songs has been adjusted and balanced

There are now two waves on the radio - the first wave is atmospheric Soviet music + audio books and radio sounds, the second is the soundtrack (ambient + some compositions that match the atmosphere of the game)

New sounds for old and new monsters

- Restored sounds from the megaphone at the cordon

- The sound of the anomalous detector has been restored and changed + animation of the Svarog detector screen has been added


Integrated Panoramic Mod 2.1 + PM_COP_alpha for AtmosFear_3_CoP

Now in the Zone it will be possible to see panoramas during clear weather and sometimes in rain

Changed the Emission - now it somewhat resembles the classic PM emission

Changed Psi-storm - closer to the prototype from the builds

12 24 22 17 38 33 k00 marsh

ABNORMALWEATHER[1.0] (upd2) is integrated into the mod

weather cycles have been added
1. Atmosfear 32. Atmosfear 2 (CS)2. SWTC3. CGIM 2 (partially)4. SFZ project

Also remains the original weather from NZK based on NLC/Panoramic + two new unique chemical weather cycles (chemical fog)

nzk mod 3 1 4 screenshot13


The function of searching for living creatures has been returned to the binoculars (when you point at a living NPC or monster, a frame will appear like in Shadow of Chernobyl)

New items and weapons from Dead Air and more

Brand new items from NZK

Restored GPS beacon from AMK 1.4.1


-new crafting categories

Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Miscellaneous

-added crafting items from DEAD AIR
-balanced and changed crafting

-added new recipes for creating items -
- Blacksmithing Guide
- Weapon Crafting Guide

Most bugs and crashes in version 3.1.3 have been fixed

many small changes

version 3.1.4 includes all changes from previous versions

11 05 22 08 31 41 l08 yantar

NZK MOD 3.1.4 created by death_dealer in 2020-2024;
based on ANOMALY MOD 1.5.2 & NLC


The assembly used developments from sak, mikelik, basil,3vtiger, Shoker, Arszi, RussianSniper117, Asynchron, Eugenium, Tixonics, GhenTuong, Demosfen, Igi, av661194, Johann, London, Strelok7171, Raduga, CAHCAHbI4, Khabarych, Modoskea, KEA Team, Slayer mod developers, REBORN mod developers, Radik619, DanteZ, Short, SmertSaratov, ICHICROW, CEMENT, Vampir, Battlestate Games - Escape From Tarkov, USEC1 voice files, HyperGryph - Arknights music, strelok7171, nPu3PaK (Alexander Overin Dead Air:R), Kramer (quest ideas, innovation ideas, Dead testing Air:R), Physic (quest ideas, new dialogues, testing Dead Air:R), Dragomir (technical issues, Dead Air:R quest ideas), Hoperise (Dead Air:R technical issues), Hesvul (Dead Air quest ideas: R), Aboba, MrStalkerHacker, Darth_Shepard, Azetrix, UnCheat, Gresnik13rs, 3fallout3, 3vtiger, ed_rez, Samber13, One_ShoT, Domestos, Argus, short, AMK 1.4.1 team, Graffsam, serviga, Eduard Bazyaev, El-Prime, OldW0lf, ValeroK, Feel_Fried, artifax, Mick & Mortan (Forward Frontier/STCoP), Andrejs Green, LsdPro, unethicalrus, Gunslinger Mod Team, _Mr_Vlad_, SEVER3, TB.,Gleb8513,Favkis_Nexerade,Utjan,TheMrDemonized, IENCE, arti, Raven Ascendant,zoust,Chool,Aoldri, CrookR, separator, Wang_Laoshi, IENCE, SWM Devs Team, SynthSnow, LVunter, xcvb, RavenAscendant, Lucy, Ratio-x-Ray, mscnt, TheParaziT, Muchaszewski, Feel_Fried and Bongwatter, RavenAscendant, Longreed, MerelyMezz for DLTX, E.Nigma42 for AO3.1, DeathOrchid, jdud, AyyKyu, Ghost-2142, GhenTuong, Jurkonov, HarukaSai, Blackgrowl, Utjan, Soulforged, Ninja_Nub [NOR], Aboba, MrStalkerHacker, Darth_Shepard, Azetrix, jenek96,franlorenzo96,SlowVibe, Raven Ascendant,Vintar0, Ishmaeel, Blackgrowl,Aoldri,egor_moro3ov, Yuri Vernadsky,bvcx,malgin141285, dEmergence, inakrins, zorius, NLTP_Ashes, Longreed,Proprietary, sneakydud, Apathy Knight, Cr3pis, Crimsonvirus, SD, KynesPeace, Barry Bogs, Thial, Sky4CE, Juan, Billwa, Burn, Stalker_Boss, Gérard11 , LVutner, Tosox and others

Author and sole developer of NZK MOD 3.1.4 – death_dealer
(compilation, assembly, configs, quests, NPCs, scripts, debugging, some textures + new content)

Special thanks to the forum and for a wealth of information on modding.

Respect to the creators of NLC - you have created a new round of evolution in stalker modding.

The mod uses compositions by MooZe, Lustmord, Atriumcarceri, Brad Fiedel, IoNiZeR, Kammarheit, Kave, Kelly Bailey, Klangsegler, Northaunt, Msa, Northumbria, Olr, Ilya Ponomarenko, Sabledsun, Spharesechs,Keosz, Alphaxone, Akac, Acclb, Heifehen, Symphocat, Ugasanie, as well as music from Misery and Metro 2033 / Metro Exodus.

Special thanks to the creators of Dead Air Revolution 2

Alexander Overin, Dmitry Nagaiko, Misha Sakharov, Mikhail Maltsev, Sasha Khomenko, deadcOre, Evgeny Vlasov, Andrey Koynov, Maxim Kurepin, Zhekan, Evgeny Zhavoronkov, Lanforse Rainford, Vitaliy Igorovich, Death Prxphet, Ekidona Arubino, Arthur Korolevsky, Alexey Tislenko, Andrey Isaev, Arthur Abdulin, Maksim Martsinkevich, Kramer, Seven Rus, VANDELEY, Petrenka, Welder, SanYch, Sarleon, Andrey Pakhomov, Ekaterina Verchenko, Alexey Tislenko, Anastasia Ivanova, Peach Trees, Artyom Novoselov, Sergey Nikolaenko, Maxim Kleinov, Andrey Isaev, Arthur Yagubyan, Stas Skazochnik, Andrey Koynov, Andrey Yamshchikov

Thanks to the members of the ap-pro forum for the timely catching of critical bugs
MegaTiEstO96 | YOUTUBE

xrMPE: DevBlog #3 - Cutscenes & Animations

xrMPE: DevBlog #3 - Cutscenes & Animations

X-Ray Multiplayer Extension 5 comments

Third part of dev blog about X-Ray Multiplayer Extension (xrMPE), a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod.

NET Online 0.23a

NET Online 0.23a

NET Online 1 comment

A minor update, which includes numerous fixes, new gameplay mechanics, and a complete overhaul of the "Dark Valley" level.

[Release] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg - "Battle of Yanov" Mod Expansion and v1.2 is now available!

[Release] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg - "Battle of Yanov" Mod Expansion and v1.2 is now available!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg "Battle of Yanov" expansion and v1.2 of the base modification is now available for everyone to download! Includes a couple...

[Update] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg - "Battle of Yanov" Mod Expansion Details (+ 1.2 Update)

[Update] S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg - "Battle of Yanov" Mod Expansion Details (+ 1.2 Update)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg

Announcing the "Battle of Yanov" expansion for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Eisenkrieg. Includes the release date of this expansion and the 1.2 update for the base...

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-Se unifico el nombre de la segunda zona (El Vertedero), ya no habrá distintos nombres como Garbage o la basura. -Se solventaron los textos rotos que...

NZK MOD 3.1.4 OBT hotfix

NZK MOD 3.1.4 OBT hotfix

NZK MOD 3.1.4 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM) Patch 10 comments

NZK MOD 3.1.4 OBT (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION II + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM + LTTZ + SRP + REDONE). HOTFIX install path: copy gamedata folder from arhive...



NZK MOD 3.1.4 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM) Full Version 19 comments

NZK MOD 3.1.4 OBT (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION II + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM + LTTZ + SRP + REDONE).part0. modded .exe (TheMrDemonized) files from directory...



NZK MOD 3.1.4 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM) Full Version 2 comments




NZK MOD 3.1.4 (NLC7 + OMEGA + DEAD AIR REVOLUTION Patch3 + AMK 1.4.1 + SWM) Full Version 6 comments


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Belarus v1.07

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Belarus v1.07

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Belarus Full Version

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Belarus is an attempt to create cooperative gameplay within the framework of our favorite game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; an attempt to create...

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jejekeupon74 - - 6 comments

hello, I'm looking for how to carry our weapon on the back (Like the NPCs or in the anomaly, lost alpha mods...). I would like to put it in the base game. Thank you ^^.

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Guest - - 693,866 comments

Looking for this as well? Link it if you find it....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
triple_agent - - 161 comments

First impression in 'Call of Pripyat' in good mood and good weather

If there is Shire, the question is, which way to Norilsk?

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Guest - - 693,866 comments


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PsyWarVeteran - - 1,893 comments

If you want story plus new and exciting quests, items, enemies, maps and gameplay elements, seek out story mods.

If you want a dull trek across the entire map, doing the same things over and over, go with the freeplay mods.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Fry_Kickstart - - 342 comments

I've been watching YT videos of the Anomaly / Gamma mod for the last few days. As far as I understood, Gamma is a mod based on the Anomaly mod.
Be that as it may. I have to admit, watching it made me want to dive back into the world of STALKER. But I'm not sure if Anomaly is the right mod (base) for me.

1.) The Story / "The Path
As far as I got from the videos, you replay a slightly varied version of STALKER SoC. You go to the same labs, do the same things, have almost the same main missions in parts, "the journey" ends below the NPP again etc.. Just with much more content and more intermediate steps.
I frankly don't find that really appealing. When I venture into the zone again, I want to experience a new story. Like, for example, this
Both scenically and graphically, I find the linked mission very impressive! A consistently so well staged mod would greatly enhance the STALKER gaming experience!
That being said, the numerous generic fetch quests pale in comparison to the side quests in CoP.

2nd) Complexity / Language barrier
I don't really know what to make of the added complexity of mods like Anomaly or Misery. For one thing, I'm not sure if they add to the game experience or just make it more unwieldy, and for another, English is not my first language. And even if I know English reasonably well, it's an additional hurdle to get into the game at all, if you have to read, translate and then understand all the texts in your head.
I would like to have a mod which, at least partly, builds on the already translated, texts of the 3 games.

3rd) outdated graphics
I've seen in some videos that even mods like Anomaly don't have very contemporary graphics. Not necessarily in terms of light & shadow and the effects. But in terms of texture resolutions, details, animations, shaders and so on.
I'd like a mod that either "ships" in a contemporary state from the get-go, or that you can extend with appropriate add-ons.

Also, I would NEVER want to go back to SoC's underground lab. At least, back then, that was a worse horror for me than playing through Dead Space I & II. Oddly enough, CoP's underground levels didn't creep me out nearly as much.

Do you guys have any tips which mods I should check out?

btw: I remember a STALKER mod video that was uploaded here on Mod DB. In this a building in Zaton was stormed which impressed me, at least at that time, from the gameplay. Among other things, because there was Game Hud a warning indicator for grenades.
Does anyone know which mod / video that was?

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Johnspartan919 - - 149 comments

just explore dude, and btw the last message on this was over a year ago so I doubt there will be many, but just explore, see what YOU like in the games and play that kinda stuff, find what speaks to your kind of gameplay.

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ZeroxFisher - - 19 comments

theres no mod?

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Selimovski - - 6 comments


where is the ******* download link

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smilin - - 78 comments

Sorry but I cant use yandex or google drive to download them...

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