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Slimy Studio is searching for a Social Media Manager!

We are currently developing "Project: Gig Crawler", a bullet hell multiplayer online game.
We are currently looking for a Social Media Manager to join the team.

This person will be responsible for handling the social media and Kickstarter's communications, and if things go well, this position could be long-term.

As individuals, we already have 5-8 years(each) of experience in the gaming industry and have been involved in a few published titles.
Now, as a group, our goal is not to simply develop a title and hope for the best, we want to form a united team with a cohesive vision.
"We are all 100% independent, so we are doing it because we care!."

For us, the Social Media Manager must be willing to immerse themselves in the project to give it a playful in-character voice. No one is expecting impressive numbers, neither rapid growth, or neither rigid industry standards BUT we need someone capable of understanding our target audience, embracing the vision and taking control of social media.

If you have a passion for online services and want to join us in building a community that supports this vision, you are probably the right person!

You can apply for this position by submitting a short presentation at,

and remember just to be yourself! We need someone in line with the team more than the job itself.


About the position

- The role involves daily basis activities, we do not have a "strict" calendar but we require a minimum continuum of services since we have different platforms and we have a quality standard.

- We need someone willing to embrace a little our vision, way more important than experience...
If you don't like multiplayer, co-op games with progression and bullet hells it could be problematic creating content for our target audience.

- We would like someone who is a team player, no solo wolves, communication is the key.

- A minimum knowledge of best practices and a minimum quality standard is required.
If you are a pure hobbyist doing it for the hobby with no aim for an actual job in the field... maybe we are not the best fit as first experience.

- 3-4 months of "hard" work, then we will see based on Kickstarter.(we expect a minimum of 20h a week+)


- We will be available for any questions! All our team is highly bonded so we will share the vision as much as we can in all forms, 2D,3D, Design and coding!

- Of course, it is a huge TRADE so you will and should work for yourself, we are happy if you will gain a good portfolio/case study for YOUR career. If you do a good job YOU are the star! it is a WIN-WIN situation!

- We are all a team of passionate people we are not just "doing a game to speculate on the market"...The environment is friendly! No secrets and no shady money circles... Opportunity to propose stuff! (if there is a NO from our side there will be ALWAYS motivation, possibly not connected to "preferences" but with meaningful reason :))

- Depending on the Kickstarter we will compensate this time and "risk".In one way or another!
Of course, if the Kickstarter allows us to formulate a budget for the position, we will fix it and pay monthly!
We do not believe in any rev-share formula since literally to do so, you should have a registered company with already some titles with analytics(you need that) eheh most companies or teams just "say that" but ....meh...
SOURCE -> We were on the other side years ago!;).

In conclusion, we would be happy to have a new enthusiastic member in our team, if you are a good human with passion and the will to risk a little with us, we hope to hear from you!.

Slimy Studio


To Apply

You can apply for this position by submitting a short presentation ANY FORMAT at: