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Hello peeps! I am excited to talk to you about what I've been up to, but I am aware not everyone is an avid reader, (that's why we play games, right? lol) so if you're not interested in the process or background info, just check out the video towards the end of this article, it will provide a more direct, to the point perspective for you!

How It Started

Ever since Boonetastic Boonefoonery was released to the world wide web last summer, I consistently got the same feedback over and over - "Look into voice work! Silent dialogue ain't it, chief!"

I am exaggerating here, luckily everyone I've talked to has been super nice and understanding of the fact that voice work for modding is nearly impossible. Splicing dialogue from existing voicelines is time consuming, limits your scope to what the character has already said, and very difficult to make sound believable.

Hypothetical Interviewer: How did you plan tackling the issue of voice lines for this mod?


plankton i dont know

The only feasible solution would be AI voice generation, and for the longest time, I believed that the technology wasn't at a point where it would be worth the effort. Its fine and dandy for silly memes on youtube, but to use as a serious, immersive voice-over? From my perspective, it would be better to just keep the silent dialogue because if the voice lines were too obviously robotic, that would detract from the experience even more than silence.

But I was wrong.

How Its Going

Shout out to fellow user and Boone appreciator, BoonesGirl! They messaged me at the end of last year pointing me in the direction of PlayHT, a website for AI voice generation, and made a couple of voice files to pique my interest. They succeeded, and history soon repeated itself.

For a technology that was a mere pipe dream only 5 or so years ago, it is already so advanced! From just a couple hours of tweaking, I could get very human like inflections and pauses out of it. Seriously, check out the video below, I am honestly in awe of how believable it sounds!

Just like when I first started the mod, the moment I realized that I could make what I envisioned with what I had in front of me, a fire begun raging in my chest. I could do it and I would do it!

Unlike the mods infantile days, however, I had far less free time than I did then. I've slowly been working at it and now I've made voice files for 2 of the mods conversations. I plan on adding more in chronological order, meaning the order that the quests happen in the game. However, that doesn't mean everything is smooth sailing...


For starters, AI is AI and its far from perfect. Sometimes the voice AI doesn't have a clue how to render a line properly, and the emotions function in PlayHT is very hit and miss.

For example, the other day I got this utter gem that still makes me laugh -

Don't ask me how that happened, I still don't know myself.

Also, there's the typical issues with Bethesda games and modding in general. Even when you do everything right, sometimes it still doesn't work. More on this in the showcase video below - a few lines refuse to play, even though I quadruple checked they were labelled correctly and replaced the files more than once, for some reason its still silent. Currently trying to figure out what kinda sacrifice the Bethesda gods want me to make before they'll let these lines work.

The other problem is, PlayHT isn't free. You get a certain amount of characters as a demo and anything after that, you need to sign up for a membership. Ah, the joys of capitalism...

I've already used most of my free characters making what I've made so far. I will most likely pay for a membership to continue, as I am very excited to see what else I can do, but at the current moment, I have no spare income. NONE. Zilch. Nada. It will be a few weeks before I can scrounge up enough to justify putting towards a hobby.

Anyway, that's all I have to blather on about! Here's what you've been waiting for - the WIP showcase! Please share your thoughts below, any feedback will be really helpful!

Join the Fallout: Free Cheyenne Mod Project

Join the Fallout: Free Cheyenne Mod Project

Fallout: Free Cheyenne

Fallout: Free Cheyenne is now recruiting for the latest game-sized mod for Fallout: New Vegas.

Flander's Legion

Flander's Legion

Fallout: Free Cheyenne

Caesar's Legion is one of the most misunderstood factions in Fallout. There are two major reasons for this phenomenon: lack of development in their only...

Special Delivery - Vault 54 ----DELIVERED

Special Delivery - Vault 54 ----DELIVERED

Special Delivery! 6 comments

Hey y'all. I hope someone derives pleasure from my quest mod...

Paug Ku Studio

Paug Ku Studio

WW2 German Pack

21 models of German uniforms, 5 models of P08 Parabellum, Model Mauser C96 Gold.

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ASMAU - Super Mutant Omertas with True Revival of Luxury 'n' Town of Vice

ASMAU - Super Mutant Omertas with True Revival of Luxury 'n' Town of Vice

All Named Super Mutants Are Unique Full Version

Gives a unique appearance to the voiced mutant from Super Mutant Omertas but also merges it with Gomorrah and Ultra-Luxe overhauls coz.

SafeAutoSave (New Vegas)

SafeAutoSave (New Vegas)


Periodically saves the game in rotating slots, but not when its risky or annoying.




This is the rtx.conf file necessary to run Fallout: New Vegas with RTX Remix. Place it in the root directory where the Remix runtime is installed.

Survival At All Costs - Handicapped of The Wastes

Survival At All Costs - Handicapped of The Wastes

Survival At All Costs: Handicapped of The Wastes Full Version 2 comments

Living with a "disability" can be a reflection of civilization. Only in civilized societies those who would have died under more cruel circumstances...

Rex The Thing Hand

Rex The Thing Hand

Duskill's Needful Things Full Version

I wanted Thing as my companion, but I was lazy, so I just replaced Rex with it.

Fallout Show Anticipation Party - Partial Fuck RNC Retex' for Fuck NCR Graffiti

Fallout Show Anticipation Party - Partial Fuck RNC Retex' for Fuck NCR Graffiti

Duskill's Needful Things Full Version

In celebration of the upcoming series we probably going to hate for not being "Tru", here's a little mod pinata.

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Guest - - 693,796 comments

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doitall - - 478 comments

So I put Fallout 3 inside of New Vegas, then used New Vegas Randomizer on it.... The results made for one of the most epic playthroughs I've ever done, and this is only the first day 😁👍

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Guest - - 693,796 comments

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corleycw83 - - 1 comments

New to the game mod community
MO2 shows missing master projectbrazil.esm even after being un-installed and
re-installed with the standalone installer. Also did a complete whipe of my system and re-installed everything all over still didnt fix problem HELP!!!!!!!!

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Axonis - - 941 comments

Here’s a simple modding guide for New Vegas to get you up and running:

1) If you don’t have the game already, I suggest the Good Old Games version. You’ll need all DLCs.

2) You should use a mod manager instead of wasting your time with manual installations. Your options are: Fallout Mod Manager fork (most stable), Nexus Mod Manager 0.56.2 (easiest to use) and Mod Organizer 2 (most advanced). Do not use new versions of NMM or Vortex.

3) Enable your mod manager’s Archive Invalidation function.

4) Install the basics:
* NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
* New Vegas Stutter Remover (a great plugin but doesn’t work well on Windows 10)
* JIP-LN Plugin

5) Install esp-less mods:
* Enhanced Camera
* Collision Meshes FNV
* Worn-Out Scopes (use the “non-severely” version)
* Improved LOD noise Texture
* Wasteland Flora Overhaul (use the esp-less version and delete treejoshAnv.nif, treejoshBnv.nif, yuccaAnv.nif, yuccaCnv.nif, nv_euroaspen02.nif, nv_redced02.nif, nv_westjuniper03.nif)

6) Now install the main mods using this load order:
* NVCE Ultimate
* Better Pickup Prompt
* SafeAutoSave
* Barton Thorn Alternative Trigger
* Heroin Zero Weapon Fixes
* NVCE Ultimate - YUP Patch
* Unofficial Patch Plus
* NVCE Ultimate - UP+ Patch.esp
* Mojave Music Radio - Extended
* Mr. New Vegas' Secret Stash (hard to find, search the Internet)
* Honest Hearts Letter
* Simple DLC Delay
* 5 Level SPECIAL
* Harvestable Cave Fungus
* Vanilla Intro Plus
* Main Story Alterations
* Outside Bets
* Expanded Medical Clinic
* JSawyer Ultimate Edition
* JSawyer Ultimate Edition - GRA Merged
* NVCE Ultimate - JSUE.esp
* Throwable Weapon Fixes
* Vanilla UI Plus

7) Play the game!

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carinth01 - - 180 comments

I just downloaded it and added it through Vortex, works fine.

Didn't use any of the mods you have listed tho.

Just the multicore threading fix with 4gb NVSE
and an ENB with sweetfx.
Plus a few basic mods.

Running it in 1440p no issues so far

The stuff from step 4 I never use or the unofficial patches.
May try a few you have listed later.

The ones I have are:

Multicore Threading Fix
Patched 4gb NVSE

Weapon Mods Expanded
Sprint mod
some beauty packs hd teeth and eyelashes
Type 3 body types

Much shorter list.

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DI90 - - 5 comments

I`ve just found How to get the Benevolent Leader Achievement with one Settler. Maybe it will be useful - Gamespedition.com

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Skipio-Fures - - 8 comments

hi everyone, we just began with the development of our game.
I would really appreciate it, if you would give us your opiniion about it on our page. https://www.moddb.com/games/evangilion-the-game
thank you very much

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maxammo - - 101 comments

Anyone can recommend me some mods? I just reinstall my Vegas and don't know where to start.

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Axonis - - 941 comments


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